Do you believe that you are worthy?

you are worthy

Do you believe that you are worthy?

Are you worthy? Do you really believe in your heart and soul that you are worthy? Are you really that special?

There is a reason that you can’t implement well. If you live in your head and feel disconnected or demotivated, this is a great read for you.

  • Do you know why you feel this way?
  • Would you like to know why some Mondays are blue and some not?

If  you feel so out of it that you might as well go and do something else until you feel inspired, chances are that there is something else behind it. Underneath your lack of action, which is the reason that you don’t get consistent results, is a darker hidden feeling.

YES, I actually said it: There is a reason and that reason is a fear which is blocking you from being the best you can be. We want instant results and reasons behind reasons in itself are not very encouraging. Besides if you even feel resistance to reading this, then inside you there is a battle already.

Life would be so easy if all we had to do was to know what we wanted and then follow a step-by-step tick list to get it done.

I have personally absorbed thousands of books to find that answer, but I can confess that even though I too am an author there is to my knowledge no such book.




I discovered something else too: It is not the to-do list or reading books which activate us to get results. What creates the circumstances we find ourselves in are what we feel when we do stuff or read books. Therefore, what we feel is what matters the most. And it is time we pay attention to those feelings more.

This is the most important, because when you do pay attention, you will better understand how it drives your lack of implementation, disconnection and feeling unmotivated. What you feel is directly linked to how valuable you think you are.


Since I’ve published this article I have had quite a reaction!

Therefore it is only sensible to mention that you will most likely react to what you read here.

And when you do, talk to me directly. This thought proving material was not intended to create intense reactions, it was intended to serve you. But as it was divinely inspired my guess is that the energy it creates is meant to move you. You can choose in which direction.


How you relate to the feelings inside you will instruct your next action …

This is how you will benefit when you understand what is hidden from you:

  • What sits underneath all the reasons you think that you don’t perform is what drives you.
  • Your feelings on the surface, and more so the ones deep inside you, is what “broadcasts” your emotions and thoughts into the invisible world and they in turn attract more of the same experiences to you. To not address how you feel is to consciously commit suicide to your dreams.
  • When you realise how important these deeper drivers are, you will be motivated to address them and stop wasting your time being dependent on those around you to motivate you.
  • You will stop validating your inaction with excuses, because justifying what you do or do not do is just a way to feel better about yourself.



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