Who Knows Why Things Happen?

Who knows why?

Who Knows Why Things Happen?

Who knows why?

When you mess something up the choice to listen to yourself come up with reasons or move on goes deeper than just making a decision. Who knows why things happen?


Deciding to move on makes sense because we know that being negative will attract more negative experiences. When you decide to move on and accept that there is a reason that you do not yet understand keeps bringing you back wondering…


This concise read will reward you with:

  1. How to feel better about a bad situation
  2. A basic understanding of a thought pattern and how to benefit from it
  3. Transmuting a negative situation into a positive one
  4. An easy technique to master for daily use

Our minds are doing what it does when it builds a puzzle. And it won’t stop until it is finished.

My son calles me a ‘finisher’ and if you are like me then you just can’t let it go completely. I can’t let go until this puzzle is complete.

  • As we try to improve our lives and need to unlearn what no longer works, this brain puzzle might conflict with another important belief:


Stay positive to attract positive experiences in life.


How do you do that then?

Just exactly how do I keep myself positive and look for something I can adore in this situation?
I learn from my mistake and this is how –



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  • Dominique Reply

    Dear Adele,

    With a particular, clear question in mind early this morning, I sought answers for this internal query, today, even so far as texting you to request whether I could ask this of you. I know well how busy you are and yet, even in not receiving a text response – you DID respond, right here, right now! (Funny how our One spirit knows all, all the time, hey? We are all so intimately connected.) This article helped me immensely! I found not only the answer to my deep question, but also stepped back enough to find 11 reasons that helped me SEE the positives in my current situation and assist me even further in getting more clear on my own way forward, a path on which I have been afraid to venture. I have hungered for true, authentic change within me – and I am grateful for listening to my own prompting that, for the most part, got me to seek inside of me. I KNEW, somewhere within me, that my OWN answers would ultimately filter through – and I am grateful for pursuing these!

    Having re-visited an ‘old’ situation/pattern or energy cadence from my first marriage’s environment, I have spiraled and spiraled, trying to figure things out with my intellect; trying to learn THE lesson. Going into my heart, then jumping back into my mind, over and over – and, over-analyzing much. Feeling the weight of guilt and confusion, too! It missed me for so long, this answer. However, I HAD to piece this puzzle together myself! I, like you, can’t let go until I see how it all fits together. However, I do admit to my tendency to complicate things. I’m learning a new way of being…

    The lesson has been to finally acknowledge that certain environments simply aren’t conducive to my well-being – no matter how hard I work at shifting my perceptions or perspective; that continually trying to fit myself into these places or spaces, at the expense of my life-force, is not my highest choice. (It’s ‘crazy-making’, I’ve ultimately discovered). And – to value myself enough to actually let go, with love and appreciation for everything that is, was or is still to come, and…to then have the courage to move on & build a life that I will shine in, no matter how scared I may feel to do so!

    One thing I have learned, through all of this ‘re-visiting’, though, is that the pressure will build on the outside AND on the inside until we actually go and DO something with it; until we USE the information coming in from our environment to re-adjust the story-board of our lives, in an empowering and positive direction! I have now personally experienced that ‘transcendent function’, for real. My body has, quite literally, felt ready to explode for over a year, due to me not heeding its wisdom – and has thus became very ill and weakened. It has taken me quite long to really SEE and become aware of, for myself, some of the things that you were pointing me towards, to see and own. “We get it when we get it”, as you used to say to me, and this is so true. I have had to walk through my own fires, over and over, to really GET IT. I know that the acronym for PAIN is beautifully described as Pay Attention Inward Now – and I had to finally (consciously & earnestly) PAY attention to my ‘world’, to be able to let go of needing to create a reason to call repeated pain into my field.

    It has been eye-opening, though, to finally begin to really look deeply into the mirrors around me, which are only (always) reflecting my OWN perceptions, patterns (and judgements) back to me, for me to embrace and accept – and come to love, rather than fight. And – it sure has been interesting to begin to notice just how I have fought and resisted (and misunderstood the purpose of these ‘mirrors’) the reintegration of these lost/disowned parts back into my own heart. In doing so, (very ‘topsy-turvily’ – in/out I have gone) I have come to know one thing: There IS no one to blame! I have done this all to myself. I used to think I was so different, sort of ‘chosen’, someone special, with a huge life purpose that was predestined for me. Well, that illusion (and my huge negative ego) got squashed, after I began to glimpse pieces of the puzzle more clearly.What is this more truthful insight? EVERYTHING that appears on the ‘story-board’ of my life/’reality’, is occurring because I have placed it there and set it up by my own hand, ‘just so’, (unconsciously), so that I can wake up and SEE my patterns, own the denied aspects of my psyche – and learn what works for me and doesn’t, giving me an opportunity to then consciously re-direct my own life as I choose to! I AM creating it ALL. Everything around me is my own creation, brought my way by the interplay of my particular energies with the outside world (people, places, things, etc), which hold my reflections. What a GIFT! Picking these patterns of mine apart has been a seriously rough and intensely lonely journey, for me. To ‘see’ oneself in the whole play, as writer, actor, director, choreographer, etc, is pretty shocking to one’s mind. It’s not at all what I once imagined it was. Nothing is being ‘done’ to us – we are doing ‘it’ all. As Shakespeare said: “All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players.” I didn’t see the depth in this phrase – until I did.

    I’ve been relentlessly going ‘deeply within’ for just over 2 years, now, asking question after question – and finally, much clarity is coming through, as i open my heart and hear my own inner wisdom and guidance. Now – it is time to give myself permission to come OUT and go and create a beautiful life of my own design. As an intuitive empath (pointed out to me in Hawaii – and then by you) I am definitely sensitive to energies and have proven this, time and time again. Negative energies get me down and the energy expended to constantly try to shield myself while I stay in environments that don’t ‘fit’ me, gets me off-kilter, too. “Too much!” I guess acceptance of what IS, is the answer/lesson – and then to CHOOSE anew, and give oneself permission to actually, really LIVE, is the true Gift of Life. Realizing that there is no one to blame, attack, or no longer resent, etc, has been a huge weight and burden for me to release. It has felt like a heavy coat dropped off my shoulders, along with a few other weighty items I’d lugged around with me for most of my life, keeping me in a pretty ‘numb’ state. I AM RESPONSIBLE for my life, in its entirety, encompassing all of the 7 areas impacting this life of mine! Reviewing these 7 areas gets me to look at what needs my attention and where I am still out of balance. (4 out of 7). No one is ever coming to save me and my heart’s desire is to now save myself, fulfill my OWN life, as I OWN my own life. It has taken me 50 years and 2 marriages, to get to right here, now. And, NOW is all I will ever have, hey? The past is done now. Time to allow myself to fully let go – and go live and create a joyful life, joyfully! Digging deeply to rediscover my true worth & value, as I see my past in a new light and perspective, is worth more than gold, for me.

    I am grateful for this article and for the input you have had on my life. (Can you believe it is exactly 3 years since I frantically googled ‘Conscious relationships’ and met you, online, sitting in Hawaii with BIG personal and relationship questions – and a BIG hole in my heart?) This serendipitous meeting led me on to the greatest internal journey of my life. Rough as heck, but worth the releasing of so much that was never quite ME, to begin with. ‘Shedding’ turns out to be life-changing. These dragonfly transformations are INTENSE. We really do have to turn ‘inside out’ to uncover what is true – another ‘truth’ I’m seeing in a new way, now.

    Thankyou, my dear fellow traveler.
    Dom xx

    January 30, 2017 at 10:37 pm
    • Adele Green Reply

      Just amazing!

      April 13, 2017 at 11:25 pm
  • Adele Green Reply

    We are all fellow travellers on an inward journey out of this life and into the next soul way of living. Or at least that is how what we do here makes sense to me. Thank you Dominique for your comment and sharing for us all to learn from each other.
    When we take action by owning what is ours to control and letting go of what is not ours we discover our inner peace and turn our dragons into dragonflies who really do bring and take messages from ‘the gods’.
    I am pleased that a book could bring us together and I know there are many women out there just like us for whom the day-to-day advice is not enough and never will be. It is this journey that inspired me to create a free support program to kickstart the inner journey for women – because we do not have to be alone. I share what I learned on this journey in 4 audios. Just click here and I hope you will join us on the book study groups.

    February 6, 2017 at 11:23 am

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