What Makes Goals Smart For Transformation

What Makes Goals Smart For Transformation


Smart goals requires knowing what exactly you want. As a coach I know that most people have no idea what they want, just what they don’t want.

What makes goals smart exactly?

Congratulations you opened your eyes and breathed. Multitasking on holiday can require a brand being alone kinda holiday, but you made it! You are here and 2016 died… enough said.

As the year started it felt like two tectonic plates of the earth were adjusting. Each person I reconnected with was pre-empted with an amount of anxiety. After each connection the energy of uncertainty had gone. Maybe last year’s pace and demands left us less rested than previous holidays. And maybe we had a lot to reflect on from before.


1: Learn to love mistakes.

Each mistake helps you to do what you did better next time. You have invested time and energy into achieving something which did not work. Now you know what not to do. A positive outlook assists with making mistakes work for you. You can say for sure what must not be done.

With each problem you identify solutions which makes you an expert in your area and beign marketable can be profitable too. So love those mistakes this year.

My biggest lesson from last year was to focus.

TIP 2: Learn to say “No”

Learning what to say ‘No’ allows you to have more time to reach your intentions when they are clear. If you are overcommitted you do not have the energy to deal with new issues that come up, let alone achieve your own goals on top of each commitment you took on.

Knowing which problems to tackle and which to let go requires discernment.

TIP 3: Discern before you act.

When we are transforming we are living between a world of old habits and new challenges. A clear vision of what you want combined with you own inner guidance will take you towards your purpose. Living your purpose will create the energy you need to propel yourself forward.  This requires both saying “No” and seeing opportunities in problems. To know where you act depends on if the action will take you towards or away from living your purpose.


What smart goals are not:

These are not goals or steps you an achieve.

What smart goals are:

They are criteria you overlay with your goals which makes them smarter.


  • Accepting mistakes saves you time and energy. It allows you to stay positive and act in a healthy way.
  • Saying ‘No’ save you time and allows you to improve your self value. It is hard to say ‘No’ if we spend our whole life giving our power to people because we want them to approve of us.
  • Knowing what to choose to spend time on requires that you know yourself, listen to the soft inner voice and build a trust relationship with yourself.

Smart goals are not new goals, they are goals that serve a higher and more longterm benefit…



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  • Louwrenze van Schalkwyk. Reply

    Adele. Hi and hello.
    I dont want to waste your time.
    My contact with Kathara taught me a lot.
    I have lots of questions on Kathara.
    How do I get them answered.
    How do I reconnect with my inner “ME”.
    Who can I get to really help me.
    I need regressive hypnosis and really trustworthy agent.
    This is super personal stuff.
    Big things in my life have to be clarified.

    January 4, 2017 at 6:29 am
    • Adele Green Reply

      Hi Louw,

      The quest to reach the inner me is different for everyone. I do several things which help me to connect with the inner me. Please see the answer by clicking here.

      I accept that you wish for clarification. When the emotions are out of the way (not the same as not feeling them, but rather healing them) then clarity is there. That is why I designed the Bootcamp Program.

      With regards to recommending a regressive hypnosis I am not able to do so at this time. The person I use to know no longer practices. Having experienced regressive hypnotherapy myself I know that it can lead to more questions rather than answer. The gift of the personal inner journey is that any information from within allow us to build our self-belief. If you wish to discuss this in a 15min free skype call please make a booking here.

      January 6, 2017 at 12:24 pm

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