What is the most important lesson and why does it matter?

The most important lesson

What is the most important lesson and why does it matter?

Have you been thinking about the most important lesson?

With lots of time to think during this pandemic and less to do, we consider matters the most.

The Corona virus pandemic is reshaping our lives in many ways.

Consider what lesson matter the most to you right now

  • Who supported you during these stressful times?
  • Where did you go when you needed help?

If you came the the conclusion that family matters and or that your relationship comes first then this blog is for you. Underneath your search for meaning, the lesson of reshaping our values are that we rethink the basics of building a strong relationship.

I woke up from a dream this morning with such clarity. I want to share this with you because I believe that it will bring clarity of where to focus in a way that will improve your skills, your relationships and your life.

This pandemic seems to have hit us with a second wave as if nature itself is saying:

“Did you not hear me the first time around?”

Make sure that you get your lesson loud and clear. Take a deep breath and walk with me through these insights.

Relationship builder 101



A relationship is a ship to relate. This is the most perfect platform (ship) that you will ever find in which to know yourself through feedback.

Feedback is the relating of back and forth of the “how” you grow and learn.


The word “Relationship” have both a noun and a verb (a place and action)

What it is: This is a platform to relate in.

What it is not: Relationships are not a set of transactions you made.


It is important to distinguish between these aspects, because what disappoints are not the people we are with, but what we expect of them.

How you will benefit when you understand what is hidden from you?

  • Relationships are alive and dynamic. The lesson changes all the time.
  • If you believe a relationship exists because you have fixed an agreement through the institution of marriage vows, you will reach a point where you feel that your agreement is not met. At this stage you will consider your options.
  • If you understand that relationships are places to relate in, you will consistently be able to adjust your expectations and explore your needs. In these spaces your relationships are more than a transaction that is met or not met. And you are less likely to measure your partner.



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