What Does Vulnerable Mean? Do You Feel Exploited?

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What Does Vulnerable Mean? Do You Feel Exploited?

Everything we are taught about being vulnerable turns on its head when we really understand what does vulnerable mean. We need the quality of vulnerability to be powerful, authentic and to grow without being a victim. Do you know how to do that? Those women who do know this, do not get exploited. If you are interested to know more… read on.

In this article:

  • What does vulnerable really mean
  • Being vulnerable does not make us victims
  • Gender power plays within the context of vulnerability
  • How to empower vulnerable women
  • Leading as a vulnerable feminine
  • The depth of soul lessons
  • Making the link between authenticity and vulnerability


If I only can stand up for the feminine and hold my place with acceptance and love to heal the divide between masculine and feminine energy.

– Adele Green


Exploiting women – What does vulnerable mean

It is easy to confuse exploitation and being vulnerable when it comes to the subject of empowering women. In an effort to understand more about why women are easily exploited, we need to first understand what it means to be vulnerable.

When I find myself exposed to the elements or trapped with nowhere to go there is a sense of being unsafe, as if I have a body without skin. The dictionary describes this as an unwanted attribute. And, ironically, we learn more about what being vulnerable is, by what it is not. The opposite of vulnerable is powerful. All truths are found in a paradox with each opposite being two sides of the same coin. And this is where we discover exactly what being both vulnerable and powerful alludes to – taking responsibility.

The difference between the two opposite qualities is having many or too few options from which to choose. With each choice, the options create personal responsibility. Therefore, it shows us that awareness of options comes with our ability to take risks outside of our comfort zones. And this brings us back to being vulnerable.



When we can understand and accept that in order to change we need to be flexible, we then discover that the more flexible we are, the greater the quality of change. It is human nature to avoid painful experiences because we are actually trying to protect the image we have of self (ego) which keeps us locked into the energetic structures we create, to give us a sense of safety. This may be akin to traveling along the same roads or living in the same neighborhood and not venturing out of the norm. But, if we are prepared to move outside our comfort zone for long enough, other possibilities can open up for us. Then, it is up to us to see and engage with these. Being unaware of the impact of the risk, we can open ourselves to exploitation but if we know ourselves, we limit those risks. To know ourselves implies that we stay true to what is important to us.

Being authentic is about being who we are, rather than believing we are who we have been told we are. So, if we know what is important to us and stick to those values even during times of change when we are vulnerable, we stand to gain both growth and an expanded sense of self. What is more powerful than that?

Being vulnerable is what makes us human. It is our humanity that connects us to other people. Our drive for performance is what drives us apart. When we are outside the energetic structures, this allows us to adapt within a window of change. When we are too defined, too structured and identify too much with a particular belief of who and what we are, we may get stuck there, never to explore other opportunities.

However, on Google, vulnerability is defined as being susceptible to physical or emotional attack or harm. Is this how society perceives itself? Are we considered weak if we are vulnerable? There must be more to being vulnerable if we are powerful and we show up authentically.

I would love to touch upon the aspect of gender roles because of the stereotype that men are strong (and forceful) and women, beautiful (implying we are vulnerable damsels in distress). Being vulnerable can also leave us being a victim if we use this as a way to gain advantage from others and get them to feel sorry for us. But being vulnerable is not the same as being a victim if we do not expect to be saved by someone else.

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Culturally, societies attribute different rights to women. Ideally, equal rights are sought to value the human being rather than the man or woman, but where there are unequal rights, gender games are likely to play out. Women will use wit and emotional manipulation to counter the other sex’s position of power if society gives them anadvantageous position. Women struggle with personal power when they do not yet believe in equal gender rights, because they value the ability of strong men above the capacity of female vulnerability. As much as men manipulate their environment with brute force, the value of softness brings out their tenderness to reach deeply within our own reflections to glimpse our soul through partners. The more a woman can bring a man into the spiritual domain, the more confident she becomes as she explores the boundaries of her relationship, on all levels.

In a healthy relationship, what some might view as exploitation can be rapture, as a female is able to absorb and transmute the forceful penetration of the masculine. But to do this, she needs to feel very safe within herself first, so that she doesn’t expect this from her man.

It is equally unhealthy when the masculine assumes his rights instead of waiting for the subtle invitation to penetrate the feminine. This teaches us something important about the feminine: She is all about acceptance and love, which heals the divide between a man and woman; bringing with her, both an image of self and a spiritual essence; she is both/and

She does not choose between options, she is all-embracing and accepting and she finds a way. Such is the gift of vulnerability. Initially, it looks different – it looks like we are exploiting one another, but this is only until we discover that the one thing that we have really been stripped of, is our human pride. It is possible to exploit women and also impossible for this to be anything but a revelation of the feminine soul.

Next time you see yourself as one who is being exploited, ask yourself: Where do I not see the soul lesson in this? Just where, exactly, should I take responsibility if I want to show up powerfully in my world?


Take great care and compassion with the vulnerability of a scorned woman because on the inside, she is a volcano just waiting to reveal her power like none you have seen before. The only difference between those who access this power and those who do not is their innate ability to see it, based on the mindset of their environments.

A man wants to penetrate a woman, but she is closed shut! “How can I open her?” he thinks? “How can I avoid?” him she thinks? In the background it is her softness that will break his force, but neither of them knows this yet.from Can You See Me Naked: Grow in a conscious relationship


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