Useful Coaching Terms For Feminine Development

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Useful Coaching Terms For Feminine Development

“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.”
– Rudyard Kipling

All coaching methodology is based on certain frameworks and protocols …

we offer cutting edge technology designed in sync with the various facets of a human being.


Feminine development here refers here to the way women relate to a more sensitive nervous system, make meaning of their inner world at a time when they reconnect with their intuition and make meaning of what is happening to them now. 


Useful coaching terms that are the back bone of our coaching products are:


  • Meta-coaching™ skills (accredited at ACMC by the International Society of Neuro-Semantics) and coaching models like axis of change, matrix models and well formed outcomes.


  • Holistic integration Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques, including; the Bio-Psycho-Social model of values, Learning models, Milton models of communication and an extensive list of NLP patterns.


  • Creating balance in mind and body with efficient energy distribution and advanced kinesiology protocols with Integrated Healing disciplines (Australia & UK).


  • Personal Power Development is based on self awareness, self confidence, self acceptance, self respect and self actualisation. This is supported by positive intrapersonal psychology of the self-concept spilling over into interpersonal psychology.


  • Performance coaching with a difference is about the mind-body link. How our minds create the correct physical environment for us to perform at our best.


An explanation of the technical terms referred to above:

Coaching is a way to have conversation that allows us to reach for our goals, even when for some of us the goal is finding out what our goals are.

The meta-coaching™ way is to have structured conversations according to various scientific models in order to achieve the desired behavioural response. Additionally, meta in Latin means higher. Here it shows that this kind of structured conversation goes under the surface – it is a deeper conversation.

Neuro-semantics is about the meaning our bodies make when we say a word like 911. If you are a Muslim living in Africa or a Muslim living in America, the body will fire different neurological responses for the same word, based on the emotions the meaning of the word holds for you. The meaning in mind and body may be neutral, positive or negative based on your emotional attachment.

Neuro-linguistic programming is about the words our bodies use to store experiences (memories). Some refer to it as a word or a label. So if a box with matches has a label on it called “matches” the word matches is not the item. It just refers to the item as a name. Our minds can be reprogrammed with words! Have you ever heard the saying “a picture is worth a 1000 words”? For me, different words may describe the colours in the picture compared to your words.

Holistic integration implies that nothing we do exist as a separate entity. For example, if I change the colour of my hair, it impacts on the way people respond to me and more. If we want a change in one context of our lives, it is useful if it is a head and a heart decision and not just change created by logic. Think of those times when you make a decision, but then change your mind again and again. Did you make it with your logical mind or with your feelings and your logic? It also implies that we become more integrated in mind and body.

Kinesiology has approximately 200 disciplines and is still growing as a means to solve problems by muscle testing against statements made. It is a way of communicating with the unconscious through the body instead of the conscious mind. The premise is that our muscles are all related to certain “issues” and by working on the body those issues are also resolved.

Integrated Healing is a discipline in kinesiology that works with energy-mind-emotion and body in an integrated way. There are many protocols to deal with the issues that have created obstacles for us, and keep us from achieving our best physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually etc. Click here to read more on integrated healing kinesiology.

Mind-body link refers to the link between decisions of the mind on the body and the body on the mind. For example, during a fire walk the person walking on hot coals needs to convince the body with the mind that the coals are not going to burn. If this is an interesting concept for you, read more about it here.

Personal Power exists in the moment when a person needs to be fully present to what the environment presents. When we engage with it as opposed to just repeat a habit formed through (unconscious) conditioned behaviour. This engagement is with mind-body-soul as we accept in the moment the responsibility of our past decisions, and make new decisions to change our future outcome. Find the solution for your question. Is your question important enough to command an answer? Where do you believe that answer comes from? Outside of you or inside you? Which one feels more powerful?

We offer the following based on all our resources for individual and organisational benefits:

Individual online solution offered:
Online Coaching Program

Corporate coaching programs:
Team intervention with presentations and workshops


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