The Courage To Drop The Act

The Courage To Drop The Act

Do you have the necessary courage to drop the act and get naked?

We seem to live in a world where gender, as much as race, plays a big part in our identity. Sometimes what you can’t see is even more important than what is visible to you. When it comes to gender, we find common ground in equal rights for male and female in both business and relationships. When we strip the gender and race identity and stick to values instead, men and women have equal roles to play in both business and relationships. This is necessary if we are going to evolve as a human race.

Specifically with regards to relationships, I have questions from a woman’s perspective:

  1. If it takes this much courage to ask men to see us naked, are the men we ask ready for what they will discover about us beyond our roles?
  2. An equally big question would be whether women really do have the courage it will take to drop the act?
  3. The feminine can exist without the masculine. But will she evolve without him?
Photo credit: 9853903295_dbe0a4ff19_o

Photo credit: 9853903295_dbe0a4ff19_o

These are three bold questions with equally bold answers, but they are all linked by the same element which asks us to look beyond gender conditioning to what makes us human, for our answers. Each question leads us into the next question and through a range of values on an upward spectrum. The answers start with the courage to see the other as a human being and then find a way to work together.

and the answer is…


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