The Best Relationship Advice After A Breakup

The Best Relationship Advice After A Breakup

As the author of a spiritual-values relationship book, especially after being married for the third time, I share my lessons of relationships, here: This is the best advice after a breakup that I can offer you.

In this article you will learn that:

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  • Relationships are so much more than what your parents taught you
  • Relationships have a hidden purpose
  • There is no better way to learn who you are than through a relationship
  • Whilst transforming, relationships offer the safest place in which to be vulnerable
  • Women have hidden unspoken needs – get this and you will never have to play games again


How I ended up being married three times –

I do not pretend to know all there is about relationships. I still consider myself a novice because there is so much to learn. Bu I learned more about relationships from being married three times, than I did from any book I had ever read. I was married at 23 (the marriage-ready age of my generation) and widowed at 28.  I remarried at 30 and was divorced at the age of 40. In 2013 I married my soul mate. After vision-quests to places like Peru and Hawaii, I finally realized what being married to three separate partners to that degree alone could teach me … that there were some very visible patterns about me within the context of relationships.

Who do you blame when things go wrong?

If I blamed my partners for the same thing each time, the question was “Did I pick the same type of partner each time?” Or, was what I blamed them for simply my own projection. The answer pointed back at me, via their reflection.


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