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Women Definition Of Value And How To Improve It

The women definition of value depends on understanding how they determine it, and then one can better understand how to improve it. Make sure you matter and learn at least 5 reasons why you have value by reading this article.
The value of women is determined by the feedback they get. If you want to improve the value of women, you will need to understand how communication with women gives them feedback concerning their value. Ans also, what are the […]

Woman – What makes a woman?

Children are told boys are puppy tails and girls are made of all the good stuff. And then we live and life teach us we are wild, chaotic destroyers. We have the capacity to help people feel safe, completely accepted and loved too. But that is a whole story of transformation of how to become a woman.
Typically one day still holds in place the elements of what it takes to be a woman and true women live this every day […]

I Am Sorry I Hurt You – Can You Forgive Me?

As I reflect at the end of the year, my message is extremely personal. I could have called it What it means to be a woman?, but didn’t. Instead I want to say “I am sorry I hurt you – can you forgive me?“.
From a woman to a man …

It would be fitting coming from me, the author of Can You See Me Naked:Grow in a conscious relationship, writing a book for men about what women need when they change. The time has […]