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Freedom and the power to act, speak and think as beautiful women

Inner beauty comes from the freedom and power to act, speak and think as beautiful women!  You are not born that way. You decide to do it. Getting there is a process and many women experience it deeply inside their relationships. And from this deep desire to live authentically with inner beauty in peace with our soul calling was born conscious relationships.
This article will cover the transformation for women who are often externally beautiful, which attracts those who value […]

Regina Jonga

Divorce Stress Turns Domestic Into Overnight Body Building Success Story – Regina Jonga

Naked with Adele CHAT SHOW presents:
Divorce stress turns domestic into overnight body building success story
Adele Green interviews Regina Jonga, ex Zimbabwean domestic worker, who turned her sorrow from choosing a divorce to exercise to feel better. Her story of success became overnight headline news and it inspired her to perform better and better empowering many other women who feel hopeless about the lives they live.
Regina continues to win international competitions. In this interview we explore:

How her life as a […]

Why women leave men

Revealing the secrets of women who leave men

Revealing the secrets of women who leave men
This interview expose much about what many women who leave their relationships go through during, before and after a separation. Learn why women scare men and they go through keeping that a secret.
This is for you if you are thinking about a separation, have been separated or even if you want to go on with your life understanding what happened.
This episode of “Start over find happiness” talks about women transitioning in relationships and what they really […]

What is wrong with my life? – Personal Transformation

Personal transformation is not always a choice, or rather, it feels like something is happening to us. Nothing could be further from the truth. When personal transformation occurs, and it feels like nothing is going right with our lives, we already made a choice at soul level (long before we came here) to do something amazing. “Came from where?” I heard you say. Well we decided before we came to earth that we will change the consciousness and this […]

What is life coaching and what can it do for you?

What is life coaching and what can it do for you? The type of coaching we offer is all about developing on a personal level and focussing on our authenticity. (What is authenticity?)
Authentic Performance
Our philosophy to life coaching is to achieve distinctive performance by integrating the human being as one in mind, body and emotion. We aim for balance in health, personal and business performance by removing multi-level obstacles through a conversation.
At life PHILOSOPHY we support an internal process […]

What is masculine & feminine? – Anja van Kralinger

Naked with Adele CHAT SHOW presents:
Masculine & Feminine; Gender Role Confusion; Feminine Leadership and Diversity?
Founder of The Centre for Applied Jungian Studies, M.Sc psychologist & analyst, Anja passionately shares with us what is authenticity; how to face the shadow & how to get your energy back, motivated by her own journey of how she applies self knowledge.
Learn what is the masculine and feminine inside us, how it relates to today’s gender role confusion and leadership. Find […]

Transformation: The Key To Turn Ordinary To Extraordinary

The key that opened a door to transformation and turned the ordinary into the extraordinary, is the internal feminine journey
Sometimes we reach a point in our lives where we are finally ready to ask for help instead of coping or trying so hard to make something work that just isn’t working. This is the stage where we are most vulnerable and open to influence and change. In 2007, I had already given up my corporate career for a sabbatical and found myself […]

God is

God Is In The Shower Drops

If you don’t start this journey it is hard – and if you do, it is hard. Where do you go from there? How do you know when you are connecting with yourself? Eventually you go from that to….God is in the shower drops.
What journey?
Did you know that there is something going on inside you… just a little war of voices saying good and bad things to each other? Sometimes it is like a war zone and the enemy is you!

How do […]

Do A Soul Audit: Healing Mind Body Spirit

When it comes to healing mind, body and spirit it pays to do what we do with most things in our lives – an audit. This is not just any kind of audit, it is a soul audit and as such, looks deeply into our lives beyond our day to day activities, in a holistic way.
We take stock of everything else; why not also our souls?

Know the difference between soul and spirit;
Audit the book of our life at […]