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Ready for coaching

Are You Ready For Coaching?

A woman by definition of her roles as mother and wife can lose herself in the nurturing of loved ones. Even at work she, you, me often forget the lesson of nurturing, to… 
Dear Future Client,
I am writing a letter to you today with an invitation to allow me to be your mirror. Can you allow yourself a moment to say: “Yes I like what this looks like”, or, “No thank you I don’t like what I see […]

read the signs
walk by faith not by sight

Learn To Read The Signs As An Antidote To Overwhelm

This is for you if you are experiencing stress as a woman with limited resources. Do you feel a bit lost in this world of information and endless possibilities? Then reading this will bring some emotional clarity. Learn to read the signs as an  antidote to overwhelm.

A friend once said to me that she wishes that the universe would just give her a big neon sign like ummm … billboard size, so she knows what to do with her life.

Sometimes the […]

I Am Sorry I Hurt You – Can You Forgive Me?

As I reflect at the end of the year, my message is extremely personal. I could have called it What it means to be a woman?, but didn’t. Instead I want to say “I am sorry I hurt you – can you forgive me?“.
From a woman to a man …

It would be fitting coming from me, the author of Can You See Me Naked:Grow in a conscious relationship, writing a book for men about what women need when they change. The time has […]

The secret to teach value to victims – Margaret Hirsch

Naked with Adele CHAT SHOW presents:
The secret to teach value to victims
Billionaire, COE and founding member of Hirsch’s with her husband, Margaret Hirsch is also a motivational speaker. Margaret have won many achievement awards. Her latest being Nominee for Most Influential Women in Business & Government award in 2015, Inducted into the global woman leaders hall of fame (2014) Top Woman Awards best Women Empowered Community Program & Entrepreneur (2013) as well as Top Woman, Life […]

Money, Success & Make the right decisions – Anja van Kralinger

Naked with Adele CHAT SHOW presents:
How to know what you want;
Connect with yourself;
Make the right decisions?

Founder of The Centre for Applied Jungian Studies, M.Sc psychologist & analyst. Anja passionately shares with us what is authenticity; how to face the shadow & how to get your energy back, motivated by her own journey of how she applies self knowledge.
Learn more about the process to know what you want and if it really is about money and success. […]