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What Makes Goals Smart For Transformation

Smart goals requires knowing what exactly you want. As a coach I know that most people have no idea what they want, just what they don’t want.
What makes goals smart exactly?
Congratulations you opened your eyes and breathed. Multitasking on holiday can require a brand being alone kinda holiday, but you made it! You are here and 2016 died… enough said.
As the year started it felt like two tectonic plates of the earth were adjusting. Each person I reconnected with was pre-empted […]

Relationship Women: 4 Steps To Financial Freedom

Financial freedom is not a dream. It can be made very real by attending to 4 steps. It is totally unacceptable that so many women still come from the paradigm which accepts a female role of very little responsibility for self in terms of financial independence, within the family structure. Many decisions are made for the family and very little thought is given to an individual’s position in the case of there being no family, until something goes wrong.
The […]

4 Tips For How To Overcome Fear

How far are you willing to go to learn how to overcome fear? I learned four key lessons from my fire-walk that I consider to be smart goals.
You are defined by your skin, your emotional boundaries and what people tell you about yourself. But you can only recognise what you already know. Phew, that is a mouthful!
In the process of getting to know who we are, we test the boundaries. It is an important part of this machine that […]