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International womens day

A Woman’s Prayer For Inner Wisdom

Today we celebrate International Woman’s Day with a woman’s prayer. And I offer you a prayer in silence as women of worth. We are all worthy. Sometimes it helps to have a prayer to help us access our inner wisdom and grow strong.

soul mate prayer

How To Pray For Your Soul Mate?

Do you know how do you pray for your soul mate?
Maybe you are one of the lucky ones. Maybe you are already in a conscious relationship. Or maybe you are not. Then you will benefit from knowing how to pray for the other half of your soul:
You will need –

Dedicated time: 15 minutes
A dedicated pink candle only for this purpose
A match or lighter
Eliminate all distractions and get ready to focus
A copy of this prayer to read

Most of us have […]

Do A Soul Audit: Healing Mind Body Spirit

When it comes to healing mind, body and spirit it pays to do what we do with most things in our lives – an audit. This is not just any kind of audit, it is a soul audit and as such, looks deeply into our lives beyond our day to day activities, in a holistic way.
We take stock of everything else; why not also our souls?

Know the difference between soul and spirit;
Audit the book of our life at […]