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Why women leave men

Revealing the secrets of women who leave men

Revealing the secrets of women who leave men
This interview expose much about what many women who leave their relationships go through during, before and after a separation. Learn why women scare men and they go through keeping that a secret.
This is for you if you are thinking about a separation, have been separated or even if you want to go on with your life understanding what happened.
This episode of “Start over find happiness” talks about women transitioning in relationships and what they really […]

How do you start over?

How Do You Leave Behind A Big Part Of Your Life?

Deciding to break up a relationship is so big:
How do you leave behind a BIG part of your life?
Recently I was interviewed by Shadow Twala on live national radio SAFM, on her show ‘Otherwise’. She asked some really profound questions about how we break dependency in relationship. Her questions about transformation reveals so much about how moms with children goes through transformation.
Learn how women understand transformation, how they leave a big part of themselves behind and break co-dependency. I answer how […]

What Is The Answer And Who Has It?

And just what is the answer?
Recently I was interviewed by Positive Living Vibrations Radio, Sara Troy, on her show about Where to find the answers and I would love to share it with you here:
Sara asks some questions that are great to share with you about the journey we travel, how we get there and who has the answers. It is my experience about the feminine journey that everyone of us find our own way there, where ever there is […]