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Economic Empowerment: Best Breakup Advice For Women

What you need to know about money when breaking up with your partner, is that for your financial well-being, making decisions with your heart is important but you cannot omit reason and logic. Rather than fuss over spilled milk, making informed decisions will impact positively on your emotional well-being and avoid irreversible consequences. It makes sense to separate the facts from the emotions and nowhere does this matter more, than in the area of finances. When a couple fight about finances, their emotions are still being entertained. […]

Relationship Women: 4 Steps To Financial Freedom

Financial freedom is not a dream. It can be made very real by attending to 4 steps. It is totally unacceptable that so many women still come from the paradigm which accepts a female role of very little responsibility for self in terms of financial independence, within the family structure. Many decisions are made for the family and very little thought is given to an individual’s position in the case of there being no family, until something goes wrong.
The […]