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Learn To Read The Signs As An Antidote To Overwhelm

This is for you if you are experiencing stress as a woman with limited resources. Do you feel a bit lost in this world of information and endless possibilities? Then reading this will bring some emotional clarity. Learn to read the signs as an  antidote to overwhelm.

A friend once said to me that she wishes that the universe would just give her a big neon sign like ummm … billboard size, so she knows what to do with her life.

Sometimes the […]

God is

God Is In The Shower Drops

If you don’t start this journey it is hard – and if you do, it is hard. Where do you go from there? How do you know when you are connecting with yourself? Eventually you go from that to….God is in the shower drops.
What journey?
Did you know that there is something going on inside you… just a little war of voices saying good and bad things to each other? Sometimes it is like a war zone and the enemy is you!

How do […]