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Regina Jonga

Divorce Stress Turns Domestic Into Overnight Body Building Success Story – Regina Jonga

Naked with Adele CHAT SHOW presents:
Divorce stress turns domestic into overnight body building success story
Adele Green interviews Regina Jonga, ex Zimbabwean domestic worker, who turned her sorrow from choosing a divorce to exercise to feel better. Her story of success became overnight headline news and it inspired her to perform better and better empowering many other women who feel hopeless about the lives they live.
Regina continues to win international competitions. In this interview we explore:

How her life as a […]

What To Do With Your Feelings In 3 Easy Steps!

3 Easy Steps to find out what to do with your feelings 1-2-3
Once I was coached on a stage about how “I don’t do tears”. It feels like ages ago. Oops did I say feel?
This is our dilemma today:
Are feelings private
Should we feel our feelings
Should we share them?
There was a time when I was fascinated by Star Trek. On one planet the space ship encountered a warrior race “The Borg” who were half machine and half human.
The machine part of them would […]