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7 Relationship Stress Factors Cultivates Empathy

There are 7 relationships stress factors which bring conscious empathy when we better understand them. I not only name and discuss them but explain what can be done. After writing the book “Can You See Me Naked? Grow in a conscious relationship” from my personal experience about the developing female within my relationship and how a man can support women during their times of transformation, I, Adele Green brings my insight to identify 7 major stressors that show up in relationships. I particularly focuses [...]

Harvard: Why Feminine Leadership Styles Are Best

  According to Harvard, men can learn from women when it comes to leadership styles. The latest research shows that 8 of the top 10 desired attributes are natural for women. The days for women to get to the top, camouflaged in men’s suits, are over. NOW THERE ARE MANY REASONS TO UNDERSTAND LEADERSHIP STYLES FROM A WOMAN’S PERSPECTIVE: According to Harvard, female leadership is rated above male leadership What the more desirable feminine leadership styles are and what they are not That it serves [...]