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International womens day

A Woman’s Prayer For Inner Wisdom

Today we celebrate International Woman’s Day with a woman’s prayer. And I offer you a prayer in silence as women of worth. We are all worthy. Sometimes it helps to have a prayer to help us access our inner wisdom and grow strong.

Heidi Sawyer

The Right Way To Deal With Emotional Boundaries – Heidi Sawyer

Naked with Adele CHAT SHOW presents:
The right way to deal with emotional boundaries
Adele Green interviews Heidi Sawyer, Hay House Author and Highly Intuitive Sensitive, and they discuss the difference between barriers and boundaries for emotions, and how to develop empathic leadership.
Heidi Sawyer, is a natural Intuitive-Sensitive with a unique understanding of sensitive people. Heidi is known for her powerful techniques to reveal and work with the deepest parts of your psyche. Her speciality is highly intuitive […]