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The Best Relationship Advice After A Breakup

As the author of a spiritual-values relationship book, especially after being married for the third time, I share my lessons of relationships, here: This is the best advice after a breakup that I can offer you.
In this article you will learn that:
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Relationships are so much more than what your parents taught you
Relationships have a hidden purpose
There is no better way to learn who you are than through a relationship
Whilst transforming, relationships offer the safest place in which to be vulnerable
Women have […]

How To Romance A Woman – A Real Woman

‘How to romance a woman’, crosses the mighty minds of men. Women are mysterious and they keep changing their minds… or, do they? Just how do you romance a real woman? With real women I mean, women like you and me who are not photo-shopped. Women who have children and nurture their families.
If women knew the answer to this, they could just tell you. What worked with her the last time, might not work the second time around and […]