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What to do in Clarens – find yourself inside a vortex

Meeting ourselves is never an easy feat, but it is easier in some places than in others. There is a farm called the Old Mill Drift which is one of those places to find yourself in and then you do not have to wonder what to do in Clarens.
There is no me-time like finding yourself in nature. Continue to read and you will learn:

new facts about the Clarens area
get and overview of the Old Mill Drift
gain a new perspective about the […]

Are You Ready To Make A Bold Decision

Would you take a road to make a bold decision if you are guaranteed to fall and fail?
The decision to let go!
Who does that? Who chooses failure? Nobody chooses failure, unless you are ready for the biggest growth of your life. Somebody does if he or she is ready to test the boundaries, As well as, the kind of person who is going into a world of uncertainty –
If you have ever had a recurring crazy dream that almost haunts you, […]