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Inspiration: Poetry To Live With Adversity

Beauty can be inspiration when we experience our worst depression. When times are hard it can be tough to find a way to live with adversity. The less I understand, the more I go within and often feelings become even more overwhelming. I find my solace in poetry, both reading and writing it. This was my very first vlog and it was timed with the suicide of the actor Robin Williams. Enjoy these five minutes and find, hidden inside, a […]

7 Secrets Spiritual Leaders Know

Are you a manager or do you lead people? Do you have a beautiful office? Do you know how your office affects you? We think these things don’t matter. Some people are just lucky to have a beautiful office and some do not. Well, it does matter… Here are 7 secrets that spiritual leaders know about.
Spiritual Beauty Leadership
In this article we consider the following views:

What kind of leaders have which kind of office environments
What is the impact of an office on the soul & […]

How To Regain Confidence In Healthy Relationships

Did you know that how confident you are reflects to her just how beautiful she is? Your confidence reflects her beauty. In order to improve your contribution to a relationship, your focus will now shift onto how to regain confidence so that you can have healthy relationships- and I will tell you why.

Two vital messages here

Explain why women understand how beautiful they are through how you show up with true confidence
Why insecure men cannot open a woman’s heart.


To understand whether […]

Secret Essence of Hot Older Women

To make a statement hot older women is not something you are given, it is what you claim when you own your essence as a woman! Every woman has a story and a flavour of her own. Beyond the mask the world sees is a focus on her purpose – a pure heart, broken open to reveal her radiant soul.
And I would love to qualify this claim

HOT is when you are magnetic feminine energy
OLDER self confidence and acceptance gets better with age
WOMAN is the god-given […]