Stress Is A Sign For Change, But How?

Stress Is A Sign For Change, But How?

Stress is a sign that we need to change. William James, the right hand person to Carl Jung, said the definition of stress is when more than one thought attempts to occupy a space in our minds, when we are only able to hold one thought at a time. And when that happens we face two opposing values. But just because we try to focus on two thoughts at once does not mean we are ready for change, does it? Stress is surely the ultimate indicator that we have two equally valuable thoughts and we do not know which one to focus on, until we can change the way we deal with what is happening in our environment. The most successful amongst us are those who adjust the best.

  • In the US $7500 per employee is spent on stress-related absenteeism or decreases in productivity, according to Deb Shapiro. Stress and immune-related diseases appear to be the sign of the times.
  • Stress is responsible for producing the hormones that shut down the digestive system, (to conserve energy) increase the heart rate, (to increase energy) suppress the sensation of feeling, (so we can keep fighting without feeling hurt) and increase the rate of breathing.

When there is stress we need to change. But before we talk about change, let’s look at what stimulates the changes in the environment outside of us, that invites our habits and unconscious actions to become conscious.

What is the source of stress in the environment?

Stress can come from a few factors that affect our circumstances.

  • The people we are with
  • What goes on inside us
  • Our role expectations
  • The beliefs that have power over us
  • How we allocate our time

Any resource that we see as limiting affects us, especially if we experience change in this particular area as we make decisions.

We will do the same things, until something changes.

The changes we face can be resisted, accepted or we can toy with what to do.


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