Spiritual And Healthy Relationships – Get One

Spiritual And Healthy Relationships – Get One

As the author of Can You See Me Naked: Grow in a conscious relationship, I get asked this prime question by men, “How do I know she is serious about me?” In the interest of spiritually healthy relationships, the answer I give is simple: “If you really want to know – do not save a woman and see what happens.” With all the games played by women who do not know what they want, it can become very confusing. Learn to understand women.

Learn especially why you should NOT SAVE a beautiful woman.

To know if a woman is serious about you, you can test how spiritually responsible she is by challenging her in this way: See if she plays the game of leaving the proverbial handkerchief behind for you to pick up and if she is distressed when you don’t do so.

Men are born fixers and if his woman needs him, he wants to save her and by doing so, reveal his strength to her. Yet, there is a downside to this: the more he does for her, the less she will do for herself and in the long run, this will delay her inevitable journey to responsibility for self.

Women are mysterious and their mystery will elude men – unless they understand what a woman really needs. Beneath her surface, things are not what they may seem. Underneath the games and testing, a woman needs to know that a man is strong enough within himself to let her ‘save herself,’ despite her fantasy of a knight in shining armour coming to her rescue.

It’s in the world of fairytales that the girl loses the handkerchief and the man picks it up to hand it back to her. Today men are still asking the questions that will give them clear guidance on whether she is really interested in them or not.

  • “How do I know she is serious about me?
  • Is she just playing with me?
  • What does she really want from me?”


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