Why Is Social Media A Relationship Killer And What To Do About It

social media relationship killer

Why Is Social Media A Relationship Killer And What To Do About It

Find out why is social media a relationship killer and what to do about it

Many people feel frustrated by their partners’ relationships with their mobiles. Whether it is work or play, we seldom understand the longterm cost of having our time consumed by a virtual world.


Why is ‘social media a relationship killer’ worth reading?


Like many things I address, having the information upfront help us to make clear and conscious decisions. Reading this post will offer you insight into you being your own worst enemy robbing you of the intimacy you crave. Many women I coach have a deep desire for intimacy, and if you are one of the them, being informed about the effects of being on social media will offer you a conscious choice of how you contribute the problem or create a solution. In short: read it if you wish to be more connected to your partner (or find a real life partner).


  • What is the new normal
  • How much time should we spend on social media
  • Opening and closing the sacred circle of relationships
  • What social media feeds
  • Victims of social media
  • Social media ethics

Are we setting a new normal?

What do you see happening to relationships? How many couples focus on their cellphones when you look around a restaurant? What impact does this have on relationships? Have you ever thought about the power-play of fake-fame?

I define fake-fame as people who feel special in a world of their own creation. It could be that you are an Instagram star. If you crave attention, this is a very real phenomena, because on social media everyday people can be special and experience the power of fame. What is worse is that it is addictive. 

How much time can or should your partner spend on social media?

I think that a new R U L E  of ethics is called for in a world of technology.  


When I was young we had rules that qualifies you to be a lady. To a large degree this became part of our Afrikaans culture, and accordingly, I was a good or bad girl defined by these rules. Societies and informal neighbourhood tribes could set the tone as well. But I wonder how does technology, that allows me to have an affair with a veteran in Pakistan representing himself as a US Major on Twitter across borders, stick to any rules I know? How do I know to what I reference relationships?

Let’s get back to basics in relationships. How much social media is too much? And, how much is too little to maintain my image of my virtual identity to maintain my illusion of power?


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