4 Things You Should Know Before You Change Your Life

4 Things You Should Know Before You Change Your Life

There are four things you should know before you change your life. At times life can be so overwhelming. During these times we often turn towards relationships and loved ones for support. But when they cannot meet us in this dark place we find ourselves in, we should know at least 4 things before we move on.

“Sometimes the deeper we fall into the darkness of life, to the point of abandoning ourselves, the more reason we have to appreciate what was right in front of our eyes. Were we prevented from seeing it before because of our beliefs?”
– Adele Green

Allow me to share my lessons with you. “There are four things I wish I had known before I changed my life and, because I know them now, I share this knowledge as it helps women deal with the overwhelming process of transition.”

What happens to women when, overnight, they become sensitive?

There are different stories women tell themselves because they need a reason to get a divorce, but in truth, if they are really honest with themselves and if they have access to the right kind of information, their expectations will be more realistic.

The first thing that happens when a women starts to change is that her sensitivity increases. She does not understand how her drop in estrogen affects her emotions and she does the only thing that makes sense. She turns to her partner. He does not know what to do with her emotions, either.

Her frustration is not about him. It’s about her inner world of confusion. So she projects her feelings onto him and blames him for what he is not fixing. If no one ever tells her this is an unrealistic expectation, she will go ahead and find a way to justify leaving the relationship.

A man who does not understand what his partner needs and waits for her heightened mood to pass, will soon find himself in hot water. All too often, women tell me how their men never fought for them and these men, in return, just look at me in amazement because they never wanted a divorce in the first place.

This is what happens:



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