• BOOK CHAPTER: Can You See Me Naked

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    Can you See Me Naked

    EBOOK (PDF): Can You See Me Naked

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    For more information about the book READ THIS

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  • SOFTCOVER PRINT: Can You See Me Naked

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    If you order in South Africa delivery is door-door overnight with PnP courier service once your payment is confirmed. For special overseas deliveries please specify your delivery service preference via email.

    At this time if you live outside the delivery service (outside SA), order your printed softcover via Amazon OR ask for favourite bookstore to order it via ISBN 9780620573856  worldwide.

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    8-WEEK AUDIO COURSE: Develop your Powerful Feminine Voice within Relationships

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    After frequency being requested I created an online course so you can enjoy it again and again!





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  • Bootcamp: Yoga For The Mind

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    Join LIVE meditation Mondays to Thursdays at 6:00am (GMT+2)

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    Sessions are online LIVE with your coach


    Meditate for 15 minutes from Monday – Thursday online



    For just $37 per month

    Yoga for the mind is the affordable option for busy women who struggles to cope with daily stress and who wants to thrive.

    What is it?

    This online meditation develops a new healthy habit, easily and conveniently. It is done in a bootcamp fashion to help you create focus with your mind the same way you would doing physical exercise.

    Why is it important?

    Discover why this is the best way to cultivate your own support and take back control of your mind in a stressful environment:

    READ The best reasons to meditate

    How does BOOTCAMP work?

    Once you paid, you are added to a WhatsApp group for announcements and your link when it’s time to join the session.

    Meetings are on Zoom, which you access from this WhatsApp link on your desktop or mobile.

    After the 15 minute meditation you are prompted about your meditation/

    The solutions to shared challenges are presented daily in a closed Facebook group.

    More details HERE.

    Registration for the pre-launch is now open.

    Classes commence on 15 June 2019.

    Join now.

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    VALUE PACK: Empower Yourself (2 Ebooks & 2 CD’s)

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    Reduced value when you buy all 4

    1 Ebook $25 Can You See Me Naked: Grow in a conscious relationship

    1 CD $25 Empower Yourself – Learn to say “NO”

    1 CD $25 Conscious Conversations – Vol 1 His & Hers

    1 Ebook $19,97 Empowering Women

    $95.00 $47.00
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    EXCLUSIVE: Coaching Starter Pack

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    If you ever wondered about coaching and do not know where to start this is for you.

    Instant information to get you started on your internal feminine journey ABSOLUTELY FREE.

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    online coaching

    12 HOURS COACHING: Executive One-on-one Coaching Program

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    I would love to explain to you how to find the repetitive pattern that creates the challenges in your career and relationship, for you to get unstuck and find clarity and direction. Talk to me about it – book time here…


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    CD Empower Women ‘Learn to say NO’

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    EBOOK (PDF): Thank God I am an Empowered Woman

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    CD Conscious Conversations: Demonstrate Conscious Relationships

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    Find out what is a conscious relationship.

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