7 Relationship Stress Factors Cultivates Empathy

7 Relationship Stress Factors Cultivates Empathy

There are 7 relationships stress factors which bring conscious empathy when we better understand them. I not only name and discuss them but explain what can be done.

After writing the book Can You See Me Naked? Grow in a conscious relationship from my personal experience about the developing female within my relationship and how a man can support women during their times of transformation, I, Adele Green brings my insight to identify 7 major stressors that show up in relationships. I particularly focuses on the unique needs that men and women have and how they are biologically and inherently different to each other and how this can be interpreted to live even more fully, in love.


  • If a woman is unhappy in her relationship, it is hard to be outwardly focused on her career.
  • If a man is unhappy in his relationship, he focuses all his energy outwardly and mostly, this is on his career.


People only seek help in the area of relationship coaching, when things are not going the way they want them to. When we consistently hold on to the same issues or when we notice the same type of problems arising, our energy is being depleted. By this time, we often find ourselves at a place where we have had enough. And, only then, do we make the time to deal with this.

Dr Charles Whitfield, after spending his entire career in relationship counseling, discovered after 20 years of counseling couples, that every relationship has only one nurturer. One receives and one gives the nurturing. The one who is doing the nurturing gets his/her own nurturing outside of the relationship and Dr Whitfield claims that he has never observed two nurturers within the same relationship.


Where does that leave the partner who craves to be nurtured? To bring some clarity to this issue, it helps to first understand the following:


  1. The emotional need for acknowledgement

A woman has a deep need to be seen and heard by her male partner. The time has come for women to realize that men really do have different needs. Because women do not feel as if they are seen and heard by men, it does not mean this is true. Research shows that 70% of women feel this way, although when surveyed, 90% of men said that they do hear their women.


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