Relationship Problems: Use Relationship Mirrors

Relationship Problems: Use Relationship Mirrors




Adele Green

Reading this book will give you access to see your relationship mirrors.


How can you discover your blinds spots that block your growth through relationships?

  • It’s not about blaming your partner (ex-partners).
  • It’s not about getting a divorce. A new life does not make the issues your feel go away.
  • It’s not about getting a better partner or soulmate to replace your current partner.


A person with a low self-esteem, who feels unworthy, is likely to draw a co-dependent partnership towards her/him where one partner gives too much and the other too little.


Dear HEART ,

You know me as Adelé Green, former corporate employee gone rogue exploring an authentic life. I wrote and published Can You See Me Naked: Grow in a conscious relationship for wo(men) to speak about how we can experience relationships in a conscious way. I am also a co-author of Empowering Women that is part of a NY Bestselling series of ThankGodI where I share my gift as an abused child.

I know what it takes to see the soul mirrors in relationships. I know what it is like to be in a co-dependent relationship where you repeat the same issues with a different partner. I know what other doors open when that happens, including to finally be with your soulmate as you heal yourself – and share this with thousands of people as I own my power in an authentic life.


How do you Correct a Relationship with Baggage Consciously?

  • Develop self awareness
  • Willingness to acknowledge inner fears
  • Making the decision & act on it

You know this applies to you when you repeat the same patterns in relationships; attract new partners but experience the same issues; and/or feel frustrated and trapped inside your relationship.

Is it time you learn how to read your partner and learn from your past mistakes to grow and heal?

I answer your questions as they are triggered by the information you read so you have a practical way to recognise your blind spots in your relationships past and present.


“Why read this book? It reads like a love story, only different, as it is not fiction and filled with learning’s. It was wonderful to catch myself connecting to pieces where I am still stuck or in a process which I am working on – and realising that this might be the key…”

Yvette Niemand, Psychologist PhD

5 stars from Amazon

I realised when I was searching for answers that most information given was offered by men for women. Although the information was available I found it did very little for me while I was in pain – it lacked a women/feminine voice. This book I wrote with a feminine voice will allow you to feel your emotions while you read it so it can come up for healing.

“The knowledge that you share in your book is what I have been looking for.”

Matthew Doyle, Estoril Books Fourways

5 stars on Amazon

Mr Right



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