Create A Purpose-Driven Business

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Create A Purpose-Driven Business


I was surprised to find so little information about how to create a purpose-driven business online. Money and business concepts are not always a woman’s first focus. And as women face life changes they approach me to coach them about creating a purpose-driven approach and become more confident to venture into this territory.

Don’t be one of those people who says I followed my passion, but it did not work. If you read to the end and are able to answer the questions about your purpose-driven business you will know what is next for you to create what your soul needs you to do. Make sure you follow the steps to best interpret your purpose into a sustainable life that will make a social entrepreneur of you.

Reading this article will guide you to create your purpose-driven business. Specifically it will address:

  • Sensing triggers for change that lead to career changes
  • More about your purpose
  • Discovering your element
  • Learning about what a vision is
  • Creating a mission statement based on how you translate your purpose
  • Basics about business
  • Important questions you need to answer to create that business

By the time that we recognise we wish to own our own business something happened to trigger us into being accountable to our higher values. Wether we are in secure jobs or if we are dependent upon careers, we find ourselves searching for meaning.

How can what we do for a living count for more than just making money? This is especially true for women with no offspring. They nurture their careers and create a legacy. Irrespective of how much money is made, money is still just a means to an end. Women who raised children turn toward their careers to feed a desire to nurture a legacy. It follows that they contribute to society with purpose. Hence living a purpose-driven life.

There are two types of stop signs that direct us to a life change: One trigger comes from unexpected events and the other from boredom. Both leads to a search for meaning in the place we spend most of our time – work. At work it is about what we do and define ourselves as an extension of the self-concept.

Have you experienced the kind of trigger that can change your life yet?


What kinds of triggers lead to change?

The first kind of trigger which stops us in our tracks I also refer to in my spiritual memoirs can be the death of a loved one. Trauma leaves us with scars and deep questions that can often not be answered by the values we were taught by our parents. Those values are based on what will make our lives successful. But, these triggers often lead us to discover our purpose.
The second kind of trigger can show up as an epiphany or a moment of insight, which happens at any stage of life. In these intimate moments a conversation is happing within us where we are made aware of a life pattern that no longer serves us. After such a paradigm shift we are left to change our lives and take action. Inside us we sense a total makeover of how we perceive life and we act accordingly. The re-alignement process is instant for a few and in most cases this alignment happens over time.
The triggers are activators that capture us to reflect upon the meaning of life. What do we spend all our time creating? The first place where we interpret this new found purpose is within our work space, where we devote most of time and energy. Our external world constantly remind us that we are out of alignment as we come closer to out new internal reality.
If you chose to read this article chances are that you already have an inkling about your purpose … you just want to know how to live it in your life more fully. And more importantly you want to feel alive.



What is your purpose?

According to wikipedia: Purpose or intention is a commitment to carrying out an action or actions in the future. Purpose may also refer to: Goal, a desired result or possible outcome ..
It brings what we do together under a common theme. It directs our actions and give it meaning. When people embark on a personal development journey where they become aware of deeper values, they also wish to discover their purpose. In the world of coaching there are many who want to assist with the purpose. This is viewed as a personal pursuit unique to each individual.
For me the discovery came with an answer I received during a hypnotherapy session reliving myself as the foetus in my mother’s womb. The hypnotherapist directed the question: “Why did you come here?” and I answered it: “To love and teach hope.” I had no idea what it meant and even less how to interpret it. The other school of thought comes from the philosophical area that says we all have the same purpose here – we accept what is. With this religious approach we live in peace with what confronts us on a daily basis. Both is right. If you know what is the intention behind your action that is how you can refer to your purpose.



What is your element?

Our element is that which we do that is easy, makes us feel good and access our joy. There are more than one way to evolve. One is through struggle and the other is to pursuit a world of beauty where we are constantly lifted up into a vibration that brings out our potential. Peacocks are magnificent creatures who lives with different rules. They don’t just get buy, they do it in style.
The value of knowing your element can guide your purpose. If purpose is having a say over what you wish to achieve then your element will show you the best way there.
Our element is in part a strength. It is what is unique about us. For example if it easy for me to reflect and see the meaning behind something it might be hard for someone else to see what I see. Because it is easy for me does not mean it is easy for someone else. That person might find navigation like second nature but I do not know my right from left.
The relevance of understanding your purpose and your element will highlight how to proceed to reach your dream of being your own entrepreneur.


What is a vision?

I have had several visions in my life. They arrive as a picture in my mind of what might happen for me someday. I see it in colour and experience myself within my body.
For many a vision embraces the quality of a company where they lay out standards by which to act within a company.
When we create a vision for our business it is best to think of the next twenty years. It was the very first thing I did when I chose my company’s name: Life Philosophy. This vision we create is the big picture for all the goals and steps we follow. My vision for my company was to raise the frequency of women worldwide. I wanted to be like the butterfly flapping my wings and creating a hurricane on the other side of the world. I wanted to make an impact.
When it comes to our life’s purpose the vision is two fold: It is both for what we wish to achieve in our careers and what we wish to achieve on a personal level. This can look like:

  • Personal – My vision is to live as a writer.
  • Business – My vision is to empower the feminine to emerge in women.

Separating personal and business visions can be useful because the personal vision motivates me. The business vision directs the action steps.
When a vision is intuited like when I saw myself standing and speaking in front of a large group of well dressed women in five years I was still just living a life as a full time mother with two tiny boys. The idea of it was so far fetched but the feeling was real. Real enough for me to slowly be guided over the years until I accepted invitations to do a key note address for large group of women. The moment I realised that my vision became true hit me right in the middle of the talk. I had to recover quickly and stay on course despite my deep personal reminder that what I saw five years prior became a reality.When we are transforming we are living between a world of old habits and new challenges. A clear vision of what you want combined with you own inner guidance will take you towards your purpose. Living your purpose will create the energy you need to propel yourself forward.  This requires both saying “No” and seeing opportunities in problems. To know where you act depends on if the action will take you towards or away from living your purpose.





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