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Can You See Me Naked: Grow in a conscious relationship

-by Adele Green


  • Non-fiction 300 pages
  • Genre- Spiritual: Relationship Advice: New Thought
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Message of the book


In the process of reading this book, hope will grow for what seems to be a difficult relationship for both men and women who feel stuck and unable to fix their relationships. This is wisdom woMEN want.

Witnessing a woman’s journey will validate unheard and unseen women as the book give words to unnamed feelings that drives the misunderstood behaviour of women.

Men will be informed on how to support their partners as they go through change.

2 reviews for EBOOK (PDF): Can You See Me Naked

  1. “This brilliant book written by a women, Adele Green, for men gives very practical tools to help couples live from their most authentic nature which is divine love and thus experience heaven on earth every day in their conscious union.”
    – Diane Williams
    NGO Committee Spirituality, Values & Global Concerns
    (New York) at the United Nations

  2. A review by Armand Kruger (MA.Psych); International NLP Trainer, Couple therapist.

    A very fist in a longtime of reading is “your woman” and “her man.” This old world confirmation of closeness and uniqueness in relationship is to my mind the heart of what I took away from reading this book.

    This book is for women with a history, who have arrived in another relationship. It would also be for the virgin becoming mature. This book would prevent many hours of wondering and spent tears.

    It is also for “the man”, the “me” who will enter into this very delicate relationship where the potential for opening up in utmost vulnerability is wanted and possible. The place in one’s life where respect, openness, support, risky eroticism, crying together because it is beautiful or sad, protection, penetration of barriers and love-bodies is longed for. It is about mutuality!

    The title indicates that this book is seductive, provocative and profound. Expect an unusual ride as this is not the everyday 12-step book with a prefix of “all you have to do to get is …” This is no “if-then” book.

    This book is about “us.”

    This is the “us” of dreams, of sharing and creating poetry, of everyday life together. It is about the good news in “us”. It maps the boundaries that exist, the hide-and-seek, and the hurt. In other words, it tells of the bad news: its reasons and the behaviors that make it up.

    But ultimately it is about doing respect, having flow, laughing togetherness and partnering.

    How can you risk not to take the journey in the beautiful, honest words of the author?”

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