12 HOURS SKYPE COACHING: Executive One-on-one Coaching Program

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Product Description

Get ready for the biggest decision of your life!

Stuck? No problem. Let’s get you over the obstacle.

Time to start over. Rebuild a new life & live your dream

Transformation Program for Women in Spiritual Crises

with Adele Green


  1. Develop an independent powerful feminine voice

  2. Get the appreciation and intimacy you desire in your relationship

  3. Make a meaningful contribution in your feminine voice

Can you benefit? Tell me your story and find out. Schedule time now.


features of our program

One-on-one weekly sessions (8x 90min)

8 Week training course

Homework assignments

Copies of recordings of sessions


200 clients and 2 books later… Adele Green is qualified and expertly positioned with over 8000 hours of experience to assist your transition if you desire to live from your heart with passion.

When a women changes WITHIN, she turns to her relationship for answers. Nothing less than understanding herself will make her happy. Find out why and how to do this.

You’ll learn language for:     Emotions • How to reflect on daily experiences • Caring for the soul • Dreams • Intuition


I find solutions for:

  • How to deal with a life crises

  • Decisions about relationship status change

  • Purposeful career and lifestyle changes

  • How to take your power back

  • How to create a mind shift

  • How to find direction

  • Creative ideas as a soundboard

  • Support people who learn to express themselves

  • Establish trust in oneself

  • To believe in yourself and motivate action




1. Navigate your feminine journey with an experienced mentor

2. Understand the 3 danger zones that can keep you stuck in groundhog day

3. Find new perspectives that will change the course of your life

4. Discover 4 hidden soul needs that drives your behaviour

5. Locate the trigger event and reset point of your energetic imprint

6. Exit your dark night of the soul and let your life experience match your expectations

7. Understand your soul mirrors

8. Evolve your soul


Don’t wait any longer. Doing the same things get you more of the same results. If it works  – great, but if you want it to chance. Schedule your complimentary quiz session now.


Delegates are pre-qualified for a good fit before coaching commences.

Coaching profile available on request or feel free to Email Me with any questions.

7 reviews for 12 HOURS SKYPE COACHING: Executive One-on-one Coaching Program

  1. Thank you so much for today! I’m reflecting on our session and I have never felt so fulfilled.
    I have never thought a balancing session could bring so much calmness, tranquillity and love in me.

    – Mamoroke Lehobye, CFO

  2. Dear Adele, thank you so much for helping me shift. I did not realise I was stagnant, only after the kick start to “feel” did I see that I was not moving! Thank you for being the trigger to make me move again! Love you always

    -Eduard, Mathematics Teacher

  3. Just a few words to TRY and say thank you to you for the most awsome session yesterday.
    While you are aware to some extent of the situation I am in at present, what perhaps you were not aware of is the deterioration of my relationship with someone very close to me. Sadly this had reached such lows, that I was seriously considering ending the relationship. Then came your session.
    I can’t even begin to tell you the wonderfull benefits I felt and still feel. The changes which took place within me during and after our session made me realise that in order for change to take place, it must be from within, and one must be in ones place of power, fithout fear. This realisation allowed me to open my heart, and “see”just how closed off I had been.
    When we can get this part right, there is nothing which we cannot accomplish. That which seemed so very difficoult yesterday to say and do, flows as easily as a gentle river of loving understanding.
    I was in a spaced out zone driving home, feeling nothing but joy and wonder at it all.
    It continues today, and I hope from this day forward with no change.

    – Agi, Business Owner

  4. 5 out of 5

    Adele, you are truly gifted to understand and see stuff from a different and more expanded perspective. I love the depth to which you take our discussion and for me the healing that comes from that is so incredibly helpful. I wish I could talk with you every day, you might get bored, but I don’t think I would ever tire of going so deep and seeing so clearly. with greatest love and thanks to you. Marisa

  5. 5 out of 5

    Adele is a beautiful human and an amazing soul! She digs deep and allows you to come through feeling alive and with a better perspective on the other side. We may all have the answers within but sometimes, we just can’t see them. We have to clear the fog, answer some questions and then all is revealed. Adele is the facilitator along this process. It has been great working with you Adele! Thank you very much for the insights, the nudges and the love along the way. I am so very grateful for who you are and what you bring to the world. Blessed! Evangelia

  6. 5 out of 5

    Adele is a master of her craft. In one session, she has brought me back to the person I am with a crystal clear perspective about my life. Being vulnerable does not come naturally to me but Adele creates a safe and trusted space to share. I have done coaching sessions before but this is a completely new experience. She approaches things from a unique perspective and facilitates a shift in thinking and ownership of the issue. Words cannot express the appreciation for what you do and the impact you have made on my life. Thank you again.

  7. 1 out of 5

    Thank you Adele for making a complicated situation so simple! Your professional guidence really helped me out of a sticky situation and I will definitely recommend your coaching. Thank you once again for being available when I need you. Your the best

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