CD Empower Women ‘Learn to say NO’


CD Empower Women ‘Learn to say NO’

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Empower Women to Say NO

– by Adele Green



These  15  minutes of audio will teach you to say “NO” where you are most vulnerable as a woman. Every woman will benefit from this, even if you are already assertive.

  • Take your power back as a woman
  • Be free to say YES only if YOU want to
  • In the bedroom where women are most vulnerable
  • This principle of saying NO can be applied in all spheres of life

Whether you are 5 or 50 not every woman knows that she has equal rights as the men they are with. When you embody gender equality, it changes the way you feel and act.


Find out if you do what you do for the right reasons – or because you want a man to love you.

  • If you want to know what sets powerful women apart from disempowered women, inform yourself with what confident women know. Listen in your private space and take a step forward for gender equality in your relationship.
  • Be informed, change your participation and make a difference for women everywhere. After listening to this you will be empowered to stand up for yourself and support other women to empower themselves where they are most vulnerable.

This is about equal rights in the bedroom

REAL LIFE EXAMPLE! Not for sensitive listeners


  • Learn how men who ask you to do what you do not want to do keep you controlled
  • Why women don’t say “NO” to men.
  • Why it is important that even a 5 year old girl needs to know this information.
  • To say “YES” when we mean “NO” will not give us the love we desire.
  • Why women should teach their daughters about gender equality.
  • Why saying “NO” to men means we give ourselves the love we deserve.

1 review for CD Empower Women ‘Learn to say NO’

  1. It’s focused on helping and empowering women. The gents may also want to download it for their loved ones.

    I have downloaded, and listened to it. It’s professional, useful and really worth listening to.

    – Ian Gibbs

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