EBOOK (PDF): Thank God I am an Empowered Woman


EBOOK (PDF): Thank God I am an Empowered Woman

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Thank God I am an Empowered Woman: Awakening your inner strength and genius

-by various Authors (including Adelé Green)

a New York Best Selling Series of Thank God I books


  • Non-fiction 140 pages
  • Genre- Self-help: Women: Motivational
  • Can be read on any digital device


Message of the book


A woman’s work truly is never done. Especially when she feels pressure to be Super Woman, do it all and have it all. The dream is not impossible, but there’s always give and take. You have to let go of something to hang onto another. And this challenge is difficult even with the strongest support system in place. And what if it’s not? Then the adversities that women often face can seem an impossible mountain to climb. Sexual assault, abuse, domestic violence, divorce, rape, cheating, molestation… the women in this book not only share their true stories of overcoming such devastation, they also share HOW they did it, with tips that can literally be a lifesaver.Witnessing a woman’s journey will validate unheard and unseen women as the book give words to unnamed feelings that drives the misunderstood behaviour of women.

In the book Adelé Green contributed the chapter: Thank God I was abused

1 review for EBOOK (PDF): Thank God I am an Empowered Woman

  1. I am a counseling psychologist and a special educator. Presently I have my own private practise. Simultaneously I am Reiki practioner too. I am very fond of reading and presently working on my research paper based on Gender based Violence- Breaking the cultural silence. Then only i got to know about this book empowered woman where i found you story the most convincing and an example of true empowered woman. Now am going to read your book ‘ Can you see me Naked?’ Because I want to know that if men are aware of women vulnerability how come they can help the woman to overcome from her weakness and empowered her truly.

    Monica Sharmwa

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