CD Conscious Conversations: Demonstrate Conscious Relationships


CD Conscious Conversations: Demonstrate Conscious Relationships

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Find out what is a conscious relationship.

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Conscious Conversations

Vol 1 –His and HersVol 1 –


by Clayton & Adele

This 20 minute conscious conversation is a demonstration of a real life conscious relationship between soul mates. As the author of ‘Can You See Me Naked: Grow in a conscious relationship’ I realised how important it is to do more than talk about conscious relationships. The soul purpose of a relationship is so misunderstood  as so many couples break up because they can not upgrade.

“A true soul mate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that’s holding you back …. probably the most important person you’ll ever meet, because they tear down your walls…” Elizabeth Gillbert

Listen to a spontaneous candle lit conversation between soul mates in a conscious relationship.

What is a conscious relationship anyway? Everyone talks about it, but what does it sound like? Equip yourself to be responsible in your relationship in roles as the masculine and feminine energy that binds a relationship. Be informed and take the lead in your own relationship.

Adele Green, a Transformation Specialist and Author, married Clayton Robbertze, a Radio Presenter and Entrepreneur, in 2013. This recording was made in 2011 in a spontaneous event during which they were exploring conscious relationships.

1 review for CD Conscious Conversations: Demonstrate Conscious Relationships

  1. Wow Adele…I just listened to your Conscious Conversations Vol 1 with your hubby about conscious relationships…when is part 2 coming…it is very good. Thank you!!
    You do have a lot of knowledge with relationships. I will listen to it again…make some notes.

    – Christo Preston

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