EXCLUSIVE: Coaching Starter Pack

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If you ever wondered about coaching and do not know where to start this is for you.

Instant information to get you started on your internal feminine journey ABSOLUTELY FREE.

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Exclusive Offer: Coaching Starter Pack

Take your personal development to the next level when you discover where to support yourself. This is not training to be coach. This is a mentoring process for one of the most basic needs of transforming women.

I discovered these four key directions to focus on during my vision quest. And I share it with you in 3 phases:

  • Find out where you are reconnecting with yourself – do our assessment!
  • Find out where you need to go with our Mini Audio Course
  • If you are not already a member – get inspiring information at your fingertips to keep growing


 When you order this product, you get:

1. Step by step instructions including

2. A self assessment to find out where you are to give you a benchmark

3. Next, you are intuitively guided by clicking the headphones on a link to a page after the quiz to acces our mini Audio Course.

4. Four modules covering each topic:

  • Support yourself: Better understand what you can do for yourself
  • Relationship advice: Get a new inspiring self development perspective on what relationships are and do
  • Feminine Journey: Understand what triggered you to this development journey and what it is
  • Find your voice: Learn how to express what is happening to you so you can get what you need


More information here-

Yours absolutely FREE


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