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changing your life

40 Day Coaching BOOTCAMP Program


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40 videos

with 40 messages for this course of 40 days, to guide you deep into beginning your feminine journey.

Do you want E M O T I O N A L clarity?

Do jou want to be P O S I T I V E?

Do you want to learn the R U L E S to believe in you again?

There is a formula to be powerful, independent and feminine where confidence, inner strength and courage helps you to take responsibility for your life.

It takes belief in yourself to follow your heart.

Women are not driven by logic as much as we are driven by love. But just how do we make that sensitivity and how much we care work for us and not against us?


The vital resource that brings real freedom in your relationships and your purpose for work are to know yourself. Engaging the feminine means you open your heart and successfully live your life according to your own values.

Features of this bootcamp membership level 1 program-

  • Receive information, tools and coaching techniques for effectively driven results in your life.
  • This exclusive program is different from the articles on the website because it is a sequenced set of video topics that cannot be discussed in the public domain.
  • The information delves deep into what is sacred to the internal journey of the feminine.
  • Weekly contact with coaching messages will keep you accountable and each blog include reflections that lead to action.
  • Links are sent to your inbox or mobile, right where you are, in your home or everyday work environment and is accessed through the website membership program.
  • The information is inspired by wisdom I gained from my own soul searching, personal quests and travelling far and wide.
  • You access it when it suits you, where you will not be disturbed. No traffic and no rush, working at your own pace.
  • It will provide the answers you need for the questions you still have to start in all earnest.

What makes this so unique is that every message comes from personal experience, is honest and includes what you need to give you direction and the clarity upon which to act.

My role is to accompany you on this journey. I have been on it for some time. With me you get first-hand information. I am prepared to share it. Are you prepared to hear it?


  1. Understand what is happening to you.
  2. Empower yourself with a whole new positive outlook.
  3. Start to trust yourself again as you apply new perspectives and techniques.
  4. Become clearer, find out what you want to know and take steps toward your happiness.
  5. Learn how to empower yourself and take responsibility for your feelings and direction in life.
  6. Learn about your inner feminine in depth.
  7. Make constructive and meaningful perspectives that serve you.
  8. Find words for your feelings in relationships.
  9. Make meaning of how you contribute in your career in a way that brings you closer to your personal joy.
  10. Believe in yourself again.


  1. It will take you a few min to integrate the information once a day. The value for you to process what you learn is incredible: deep and relevant to your personal ongoing development.
  2. This program is available at a mere $97


The value speaks for itself, offering 8 years worth of learning how to connect with my feminine.

1 review for BOOTCAMP: Bespoke Coaching Membership Program

  1. (verified owner)

    “Your approach to coaching was so seamless, I did not realise the full impact of it until my life began to evolve before my very eyes.
    You stretched and challenged my emotional thought feeling process allowing me to emerge from my cacoon into my butterflyness. You enabled me to see that I am the dream every single day.

    Thank you”

    Michelle, PhD Psychologist

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