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Can You See Me Naked: Grow in a conscious relationship

 – by Adele Green


  • Non-fiction
  • Genre- Spiritual: Relationship Advice: New Thought
  • 302 pages Softcover, Perfect Bound Print Book




In the process of reading this book, hope will grow for what seems to be a difficult relationship for both men and women who feel stuck and unable to fix their relationships. This is wisdom woMEN want.

Witnessing a woman’s journey will validate unheard and unseen women as the book give words to unnamed feelings that drives the misunderstood behaviour of women.

Men will be informed on how to support their partners as they go through change.

8 reviews for SOFTCOVER PRINT: Can You See Me Naked

  1. By Colin Sparkes
    I didn’t think this book was for me until I started reading it and discovered how well it was structured and just how informative it was. Seldom does a book challenge my thinking as this one has and I am grateful for it’s content and for an author who clearly has put herself out there for the benefit of her readers. Thank you.

  2. “Inspiring, Intense, Invoking”
    Bisi Thete – Editor for Blaque Magazine

  3. “I am on page 84 and only started reading this morning. The last book I could not put down was the trilogy of Fifty Shades of Grey.”
    Mamoroke Lehobye, CEO

  4. “Our beautiful world needs men that listen with fascination to their women
    when men listen deeply and hear more than words, women connect to their divine radiance
    These men will resurrect as the real heroes who will understand how to make love to our beautiful world.
    Truly hearing her will be the most erotic skill that you have ever learned and which will heal your own wounded heart
    Listen to her to hear her ……………….”
    Leon Rautenbach, Human Systems Consultant

  5. “I think your book is desperately needed and offers a lot of depth and guidance. I absolutely loved it! This book should be compulsory reading for everyone.”
    Vanessa Wilson, Quickfox Publishing General Manager

  6. “The knowledge that you share in your book is what I have been looking for.”
    Matthew Doyle, Estoril Books Fourways

  7. Why read this book? It reads like a love story, only different, as it is not fiction and filled with learning’s. It was wonderful to catch myself connecting to pieces where I am still stuck or in a process which I am working on – and realising that this might be the key…
    Yvette Niemand, Psychologist PhD

  8. “This is a book that could create a real stir in the market place.”
    Georgina Hatch, Publishing Consultant and Evaluator

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