Speaking Events

Speaking Events

Project Description

Keynote Presentations delivered:

Angio Quip  “How naked is your personal brand?” (ethics)

Netcare “Understanding the value and power of your personal brand”

Sasol “Getting Undressed”

In Remembrance of Madiba “Freedom is inside us”

Law Society of SA “Can you see me naked:Why nothing you do makes her happy” 

Woman at Work  “What is beauty?”

University of Tswane  “Personal Goals”

FNB   “Evolutionary Leaders”

Edcon  “Personal Goals”

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Client Testimonial:

“Business in the future is not going to be easy- it is going to be very very tough. It therefore calls for very special leaders to lead the business through the minefield of market competition. Today, knowing your business is not good enough, knowing yourself is much more important and will be the determining factor whether you will succeed in leading others to success. As business leaders we therefore need to become much more focused on developing our peoples’ ability to manage their own life. We need to equip them with the tools to manage their energy levels properly and strike a true balance between their work and their private life. Adelé Green has been called in to assist my team of senior managers to achieve this goal. From day one she has made a life changing impact on the entire team in challenging the team to discover themselves and to set their own personal goals in life. Her second presentation on achieving synchronicity in the work place was excellent and a real eye opener for the team. I can highly recommend her work.”
– Andre van der Berg Regional Operations Manager – EDCON