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Project Description

Inspiration for women by Women who inspire

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Naked with Adele  is a chat show to inspire feminine leadership when you are interested in WHY & HOW you change. We chat about every-day practical tips and learn from other experts to get direction in our lives and take our power back.

The idea behind the Chat Show is to go deeper than radio and bring you show 20 minute bursts of audio to listen in the morning or evening while you follow up on other chores.

This is for forties-something women who want support to live their lives in an artful, soulful & thoughtful way.

What you hear on the show:

  • Interviews with Authors in the field of personal development
  • Experts talking about the feminine & human consciousness that uplift human values
  • Inspiration for women who are changing modern roles
  • Tips & Techniques to deal with change in self-nurturing, reflection in relationship, intimacy and feminine leadership styles.

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