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Thanks for clicking on my URL in my social media profile. If you are new to transformation – or know someone who is – you might want to check out my kickstarter program. This online course takes 30 minutes and guides you through my 4 BIG insights for transition.


I am the author of Can You See Me Naked: Grow in a conscious relationship. This already second edition, internationally published, conscious relationship development book is for men and women who seek intimate connections, and wish to learn from their past relationships.

I regularly feature on live televisionradio interviews, and online in the likes of  Huffington Post and Independent Online News.

This is my personal blog. It is focussed on transformation for women from their 30’s to 50’s. My personal mission is to help them leverage life changes and reconnect with themselves. As a result I published over 130 articles already, covering spirituality, relationships, feminine leadership and transformation. I also write stuff that doesn’t fit neatly into these one of these categories, including my weekly column #askAdele (for The Saturday Star).

I have an online chat show called, NakedwithAdele where I interview successful leaders about feminine leadership skills. This new talk show has been downloaded over 130 000 times already. Look out for the next season of #askADELE podcasts.

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My worldwide community consists of half a million people across different media, thousands of monthly blog visitors and several thousands of additional downloads of online shows every month. I am committed to supporting you to take your relationship and career to the next level.

Whether you are married, divorced or single, I know that you want to experience feeling good, being loved and acknowledged for your effort. Through the columns, blogs and podcasts you will connect to emotional and spiritual support to move forward towards your goal at no cost to you. You can also engage with me through personal coaching programs, online development courses or reading my books. From time to time I present a keynote address and share it in a newsletter. You can join my community here, look around and learn with me as we step out of comfort zones and dare to dream. Or you can join me on any of the many social media platforms to stay in touch. 

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