Adelé Green

Adelé Green

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You want to believe in yourself as an influencer, show up confidently for your audience and feel like you really make a big impact in the world.

You are ready to dig deep to find your inner voice, commit to a new mindset and embrace a life changing transformation in your relationship that will shift your energy to attract your own abundance.

Trouble is, right now you are trying to please everyone else, compromise your values and need your very own resources instead of permission to act, let alone juggling your time to start your own business.

Whether you are a, married or divorced, busy mommy who dreams of experiencing unlimited time and money; a current or ex- professional who is ready to quantum leap from corporate to wellness boss lady; or start up your business idea going it solo-, social- or bookpreneur style online, I can help you.


"Hello my name is Adelé Green and I’m the Abundant Soul Coach. My superpower is to  activate women to step into their own power to

  • turn their businesses into the source of their abundance,
  • become their own bosses in every way, and
  • change the world with their authentic voices.

I give women the reasons to stop feeling powerless, the clarity to understand the soul message behind a challenge, and ,the keys to embrace the flow of money in their businesses through my coaching programs.

I believe that every woman can put herself first. Following her heart, allows her to give so much more. And, for the lady who is willing to access her authentic voice, unlimited energy, money and emotional freedom awaits."


Life Philosophy was founded as a full time coaching practice by Adelé Green in 2007 working from her home office. Since inception she has served women in transition in their lives, relationships and start up businesses. This full time coaching practice that originated in Johannesburg, South Africa, served international clients almost from the outset and soon evloved from the Hyde Park Office to an online business with no borders. Life Philosophy is relocating to Hawaii in 2020.

Life Philosophy published “Can You See Me Naked: Grow in a conscious relationships” and Adelé co-authored a New York bestseller serious volume “Empowered Women”. Life Philosophy  produced several empowering websites over this time for transforming women and was awarded SA Blog Awards twice.

The “Naked with Adele” podcast has over 250 000 downloads for it's feminine leadership content  and is evolving to live shows. Adelé also hosted a newspaper column called #askADELE in The Saturday Star and sported the same on radio with Mix93.8fm on Sundays. The coaching practice currently supports a network of over 80 000 people across several social media platforms.

In the book Can You See Me Naked  Adelé spoke for conscious relationships as the ultimate path to personal growth, because it keeps presenting us with the next challenge to open ourselves to love and situations where we are most likely to project our issues onto our partners. She realised that women needed to feel financially free to make the right decisions and took the leap to focus on self-owned businesses to give women just those financial resources.

The same issues that women experience in their relationships, because they attract men who dominate and control them, shows up in their businesses. This prevents them from access to their own source of abundance even though they are true givers and may already be influential.

Her perfect clients are aspiring authors, podcasters, bloggers, speakers, female business owners and influencers who make a difference in the world . Her part in the journey is to show them how to be their own bosses in every way and take up their full space in the world to feed their souls.


Huffington Post extract:

"A childhood trauma often landed me in situations where I felt like my value and freedom was bound by living up to the expectations of others. I would feel like the abused kid being bullied all over again in my marriage and even in my business.

Going on 40, I left for Peru seeking answers. As a mother of two I asked: “Do I stay or do I go?” And I did get that divorce. But, even after changing my entire life, I discovered that the emotions of a divorced mother remains trapped inside an energetic pattern. This would bleed into my business.

Ten years on Adelé discovered her soulmate and reached many milestones as an influencer talking about her journey and appeared in several radio and television interviews.

She coached hundreds of women and by now has learned a thing or two about how to manoeuvre  life patterns and how to unlock unhealthy patterns to make a BIGGER impact. She became an Expert at redirecting energy patterns in people and business models. This is how she returns alignment, reconnects purpose and regenerates abundance from deep within their souls as if activating a reset button.


Working with her is virtually like taking a step (or a few) back, to capture your energetic experience as you see it through the events of your life. During pivotal moments, questions will reveal what hold your beliefs and values captive. And often, it is the silences between the sessions that allow deep insight and the flow of synchronistic opportunities  that shows up as evidence to make the biggest difference in your life.


What she knows for sure:

  • You need less information than you think and a lot more alignment to bring about the best results
  • You can start over from scratch, but without addressing your energy pattern and connecting it with your soul’s agenda, you will repeat the same emotions that you are trying to avoid when you implement change.
  • To discover what is hidden from you about your inner desires is how you activate your personal abundance and unlock your authentic voice.


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