Adelé Green

Adelé Green

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Adelé Green is powerful Transformation Specialist for women to transform their relationships and careers through a process of linking their challenges with their soul’s agenda in a 1-on-1 coaching soul powered program. She is the published author of “Can You See Me Naked” and “Empowered Women”, former columnist in The Saturday Star, podcast and radio host and award winning blogger.


"When I could not find what I needed as my soul pulled on my heartstrings, I left for Peru ... and then another and another place on spiritual quests. In the end I left all I held dear behind me, to go find myself. I 'entered my dark night of the soul'. As eerie as that sound, it was really a spiritual quest I ventured upon. I resigned my corporate job, got a divorce and then actively missioned to understand what was going on with me. In the process I travelled, thinking that I was going to 'find myself' somewhere.

Many offered answers, but few told me to look inside. The real teachers are the ones who teach us to look within, and even fewer can guide us there."

This inner feminine journey is not restricted to women. The emerging feminine calls directly from the soul. How we answer and when we answer, and more importantly - how we talk about it - changes us forever."

Adelé wrote her first book after her divorce about the vulnerability of women and conscious relationships. The book evolved into a workshop, a website and a chat show to help women with life changes. And achieved so much more with podcasts and online personal development products.


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