How meditation helps when you are stuck

reasons to meditate

How meditation helps when you are stuck

One thing keeps popping up in our lives, which can guide us. But to figure out what that is means that we have to really listen to ourselves. Meditation is a fantastic way to listen to you.

In this blog I want to bring awareness to:

  • meditation
  • how dreams intervene
  • understanding why we get stuck
  • what we can do when we feel stuck
  • benefits of meditation

“What is small is not always insignificant.”

Have you ever found yourself at a loss for words?

Have you been in a place and then for a moment seen yourself in a proverbial photograph and wondered just how you got there?

Since I have changed the way that I approach life, I surrender more and more to the flow. I thought it would be easier than this. With less ticks on my to-do list driving my effort, I still stuck. The transition to live by guidance rather than my ego agenda requires daily surrender to living consciously in alignment and now different rules apply.

Why? I figured out that that which I resisted was what made my life so hard and by being more accepting I am more in tune with a bigger plan.

Often I find myself stuck and not moving at all. Now I had to find another way other than force to move forward. And this had me obsessed for a while. I did a deep dive … YES you guessed it. I have been soul searching.

It is from this space that I share with you what I discovered.

 a daily MEDITATION bootcamp practice

I had a dream recently, which disturbed me. Dreams are the most direct way that the soul connects with us. This particular dream was very upsetting.

The dream was about going to a place where I was supposed to study. I was taken there by Uber and dropped off. The place was vast and similar to a university with many students coming and going. I found myself at the reception area.

Once I was dropped off, I begged the driver to show me where to go, but he excused himself. He had to fetch a friend of mine, and, he would be late if he did not leave on time.

I was unclear about where the place was that I was supposed to go to. I knew that I had to go somewhere, but I did not know where it was. And, the previous time that I was supposed to got “there”, I was so late that I had missed the class.

I could ask a student, but I did not know the name of the class. A part of me wished that there would be some kind of directions or signpost. But alas, nothing!

One student overheard my conversation and offered to take me through campus in the direction of the classes. I felt afraid. I had no idea what it was called and refrained from accepting the offer. If I were left halfway with less people to ask for help, what would I do?

I was stuck. And that was where the dream left me. Distraught, frustrated and tears I woke up in tears. What could it mean?

We tend to do the following when we are stuck:

  • Find someone to help us, which can be a coach, teacher or a friend. Some women ask their partners for help.
  • We look for information in books or courses, or build necessary skills and start formal education.
  • Some people look for signposts that will guide them each step of the way.

From the dream it was clear to me that direction would not come from signposts. How could it, I did not know what to ask for. I had no clear idea of where I was going. And, I had no clear vision either.

When we go with the flow it can feel this way. But this is not unique to me. Many of us experience the same challenges. So we just do the same thing every day. We look where everyone else is going, and follow them. We are not sure if it is the right thing, because we have no yardstick with which to measure.

But then I remembered something. Even at the beginning of my journey there was clarity about what I wanted. And in my core I still want the same thing. This thing was

inner P E A C E

and that was no insignificant desire. After a decade of learning in my own authentic journey and riding wave after wave I was still looking for the same thing. With every vibrating cell in my body it hit me.

I was missing something in all the wonderful things I did. It was so simple that I almost missed it. Everything had to stop for me to first see it.

When we get stuck it is not because we reached the end. When options are taken away from us, this actually helps us to take our hands of the wheel. We are reminded that we are not in control.

The apparent obstacles now become the very detour, which will steer us right into the direction we are meant to go. For a moment we forgot that our plan is in the way of the universe’s plan for us.

Out of nowhere the thought came to me. Meditation is the answer to staying on course. I can reach the inner peace I still want after all this time. It is a great way to practice being connected to myself.

In this last few weeks I have been talking to coaching clients whom would all agree that stress felt more. Effort felt like harder work for the same results. Goals seem so far and it would be great to have a break from our lives. I was still hesitant, even though my guidance was quite clear:

Do it Bootcamp style.

Bootcamp is for intense practice and doing it regularly. It helps us to hold ourselves accountable in the face of doing all the other things we also have to do on a daily basis, but still keep our eye on the ball. We do bootcamp because of accountability. We can all practice at home if we know how to exercise. But we don’t do it. And that is why we commit to bootcamp.


Introducing: Yoga for the Mind

There are so many reasons to meditate. One thing that I have become vividly aware of is just how distracted my thoughts have become from increased use of social media applications.  I am always on alert. My thoughts are consistently interrupted. Digital detoxes are not as effective as they use to be. I need more!


A learned man shows up at a monk’s house to learn from him. Every time the monk tries to start his teaching the man tells him how much he knows. The teacher offers tea and then keeps pouring the tea even though the cup overflows. The man stops talking and stops all together. The monk says: “You can not pour tea into a full cup.”


And, that is where we begin –

Good reasons to meditate


Why not learn more about

What is Meditation?

You can focus on your breath – awareness training

You can concentrate on one thing the whole time – train for focus

You can notice thoughts without holding onto them: “past” “future” “present” – label and let go


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Go with the flow.





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