What If You Are Lonely But Not Alone

Lonely but not alone

What If You Are Lonely But Not Alone


What if you are lonely but not alone? Do you know what creates this problem? Are you truly alone or is it just a feeling of loneliness? Do you have a deep desire to be connected to your partner? If you do, this article is just for you

Many people are married, but they still feel alone inside a marriage.

Reading this blog will reveal more about:

  • The problem of feeling alone
  • What is normal?
  • Why does this happen?
  • What can you do when you want to feel connected to your partner?
  • How this can help you on evolve on a deep personal level

Things are never quite what they seem, so for a little while refrain from opinions or judgement and consider the following:

Many people who are married are surprised when they experience these feeling disconnected.

What is the problem?

Sometimes you can feel alone inside your relationship. Even when you work well as a team together, and you trust each other, you miss feeling deeply connected . You start to wonder if this normal and if you should seek help.

The solution:

Many people are so busy raising children, or getting on with building their dreams for financial freedom, that they don’t notice how they are feeling. When you do notice that you indeed feel alone inside a relationship, pay attention , and ask yourself: “What do you need now?” Observe how this is different from what you expected it to be.

Normal is …



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  • Bobby Joyner Reply

    Yes I agree and experience this sort of disconnection with my spouse, my saving grace is a small insight that my wife is a loving human being and finding another partner is not the solution in my case. Childhood seems to be an influence, the hills of Oklahoma are not exactly the Mecca for sophistication or refinement. Not unless cracking cold ones, putting in a dip and hollering YEE YEE becomes a model of conscious expansion. Being treated with neglect and abandoned to live with folks we didn’t know was a traumatic experience as where other issues like being beaten up and hurt. So I wasn’t exactly a social giant and hid within myself, but even more sad is the lack of skills with regard to being a prize husband and father. The compulsion to never speak about any aspects that involve trauma is not so healthy either and can take a toll on the body. I just returned from my first stay in a hospital with a life threatening illness that doesn’t seem to over the greatest prognosis. Fear quickly swept through my entire persona with fleeting moments reminiscent of my childhood days. I often wonder how I escaped the poverty, abuse and feeling unloved. Becoming a prominent lawyer, prosecutor, judge and an advisor to both the late Ted Kennedy and son Patrick did little in the way of removing this vague and difficult to articulate pain that resides in the deepest aspect of my existence.

    December 2, 2017 at 3:03 pm
    • Adele Green Reply

      Dear Bobby,
      Thank you for expressing what is dear to your heart. I often remind my boys when they show frustration that the one thing we all share is that every person needs love. Feeling alone for various reasons is just that – it is a reflection of how we feel inside. It is not necessarily related to the events around us. When one experiences a life threatening event as you just had, irrespective of our adult successes, we are reminded of our insecurities as children. It is normal to overachieve if your childhood is one where you did not experience the security that comes with feeling loved. Sadly a relationship will echo this. We tend to attract those special people who ‘help’ us to replay our childhood fears in order for the soul to overcome it and grow.
      Therefor Bobby, you are right when you say it it not healthy to keep it all within. If at all possible speak to a psychiatrist, or, if years and years of analysis is not your thing find a way to express to your deep feelings creatively. Sometimes painting, gardening, working with our hands with wood can be very healing. The feelings are transferred outside of you and the energy of the pain body heals when we express. I welcome and teach people to write about their life story. If this is something you think you might be interested in let me know on via mail if you click .
      Remember that expressing what is inside is like taking those teardrops which become diamonds that cut us from inside outside of you to shine. It has been my experience in relationships that when we see ourselves for who we really are after expressing, our partners see us for who we are too, and then we can bond on an emotional level and feel loved. Even when they do love us, by holding the pain within, we will not feel it. It is time to open your heart safely. Wishing you love…

      December 2, 2017 at 4:27 pm

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