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Are you asking these questions?

  • Do you understand what is happening to you now? 

  • Do thoughts about this consume and overwhelm you? 

  • Do you feel alone deep down inside?

  • Most importantly: is your life working for you?

When life changed for me I eventually lost everything I held dear pursuing what I felt was missing in my life. The cost was massive and had a ripple effect in every area of my life. 

This course will make it easy for you. What I share here came to me in a moment of Grace and clarity. I was transcended in space and time. I know it will move you one step close to where you need to be too: to trust yourself once again.

My short course will reveal your soul’s hidden needs to you, so you can gain perspective on what is driving you. And, here is the first clue…

While transforming your values are shifting and you can’t control it. It’s not like that. Now what?

How this program works in 3 steps:

  • Register

  • Complete a quick assessment to bring awareness to the areas in your life this might affect you

  • Listen to 4 audio’s

What is inside?

  1. Transformation Support

  2. Conscious relationships

  3. Understanding your feminine energy

  4. Finding your own voice

This mini audio course right now is yours free, yet valued at $97!

You will start with questions to find out where you are & prompted step-by-step to better understand how to support yourself better with this audio course in just 30 minutes.

All you need is live internet for streaming.


  • Only you can decide if you are worth love and appreciation.

  • When you give it to yourself, others will do it too!

  • I know because support create independence which brings confidence.

You will know this is for you if that something that brought you here was ...

An event or series of events which triggered discomfort

Something that cracked your heart open

An experience of loss

A need to restore your confidence

What matters now is where to go from here.

An assessment will help you identify areas in your life affected by this

It does not matter if you have never heard of me. If you are searching online for answers to your problems, you ask deeper questions. We all have a ‘map’ of how to help ourselves. Even if you have never heard of coaching, this will address your answers immediately.

This course will show you where to start
  • Conscious Relationship Advice
  • Transformation Support
  • Understanding Your Feminine
  • Creating Your Own Voice

Listen to all four insights or just the ones which peaks your interest.

Change starts with awareness. 

Make those big decisions with
a tribe of wise women who are doing the same.

Once you started you can continue to grow with blogs, podcasts and newsletters. 

Get a benchmark and empower yourself. Can you afford not to?



Get to know exactly which needs you must satisfy to bring focus and direction back into your life!

Use this foundation to make successful decisions based on your higher values to move forward.

You will not learn how to become a coach here. Instead, it is a specific self-supportive offering for personal growth, confidence and independence to become your own guru.


Help me to empower you to get to a place where you can finally B E L I E V E  in yourself again. Just 30 minutes will save you days, week and even years of wasted effort so you can focus on what is the most important aspects of this journey, with the knowledge that you are on track!

You know yourself better than anyone will ever do, you probably just don’t know it yet.