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Learn how to build a CONSCIOUS RELATIONSHIP if you battle with relationships

Join LIVE book study groups online every TUESDAY for ONE HOUR, giving you convenient access in the comfort of your own home to unlock your relationship’s hidden messages as being mirrored by your partner.

This is Personal Development at its Best!

Instead of adding the costs of a personal coach, reading hundreds of books and separating from yet another partner, you can combine all three at a fraction of the cost. This book study will save you endless frustration with relationships as you discover the real you through relationship mirrors, instead of feeling like you are losing yourself.

This LIVE Book Study Group Is For Men & Women Who Find Relationships Challenging And Long To Experience …

  • What it is like to be in a conscious relationship
  • Wisdom of why previous relationships did not work
  • New ways to start a relationships againr
  • How to open your heart again for love
  • A mindset change that ignites hope for a difficult relationship
  • How to break through what seems an impossible situation and repeating pattern in your relationship
  • How to be free inside your relationship
  • What love really is
  • How many ways there are to connect intimately in your relationship
  • Why you consistently seek appreciation and feel invisible and how to change it
  • How to benefit from conflict

This LIVE Book Study Group is not for you if you…

do not have access to internet speed that allows you to talk on Skype.

A Series of Weekly Intimate Book Readings with Q&A That Will Change Your Mind About Relationships, Featuring…

Can You See Me Naked



Adelé Green

Author of the book, Transformation Specialist Coach and founder of #askAdele at The Saturday Star & Mix93.8fm


Adele GreenPeople have asked me since the book was launched to develop a workshop so they can learn more about conscious relationships.

Will you join us?

This Book Study Features Important Topics To Assist You To Get Your True Feelings Heard

Frustration in my marriage lead me to a divorce. I had no idea what was happening to me, nor did I know how to share it. Because, my ex kept asking me to write him a letter about why I left him, I finally decided to write to him in my diary. He was never going to read it and I was brutally honest about my feelings.

The words are now incapsulated in this book and  put soul back into relationships. This allow women to reconnect with themselves and their partners when they recognise and share their experiences, going through a deep personal transformation.

What Is This Book Study All About?

Learn why you are so unhappy. Find your words to develop a dialogue for your feelings, instead of withdrawing because you are misunderstood. Do this whether you are ARE IN a relationship, WANTS TO BE in a relationship, or HAVE BEEN in a relationship.



  • What does it take to open the heart of a woman
  • What are relationship mirrors
  • How do you recognise real love
  • How do you know if you have the right partner
  • Why are you scared of commitments
  • What is co-dependency and how do you avoid it
  • Who is to blame for the state of your relationship
  • Find out if you will ever get unstuck if yo are trapped
  • What is good enough and are you
  • What do you do when you feel alone inside your relationship
  • What does attachment mean in a relationship and is a good thing or not
  • When are you too close
  • What is free love and does it have a place in a conscious relationship

What We Cover In LIVE Book Study Sessions:

  • Discussions of suggested topics

  • Live readings

  • Answering of questions


What Do You Get When You Register?


Seats are limited and groups are kept intimate for participants to spend real time with the author



As the author of the book I know what the intention of material was when it was written. You can address your questions as it relates to your own life directly at the source.



There will be bonding between participants and to encourage community we will entertain building networks with like minded people. The group discussions will be facilitated and adhere to a code of conduct.



When we experience emotions during sessions it is easy to miss something. Or maybe you missed a book study session. Recordings make it easy to solidify information.



Often the penny drops between sessions and you may find that hidden issues are being revealed to you. As you require clarity you may find a need to bring this up for conversation. These group sessions allows for that so you can feel supported while you grow.

What Is More Important Than Feeling The Intimacy Of Someone You Love?


Here are some BENEFITS when you join the LIVE Book Study Groups:

  • Enjoy an opportunity to open your mind to personal insights similar to a mastermind.
  • Quality personal development with direct access to an advanced relationship school of thought
  • Feel supported with like minded people with similar needs a experienced coach-facilitator
  • Develop a brand new mental map of what a relationship can be
  • Gain emotional clarity and release anxiety
  • Address deep burning questions
  • Learn from what is happening in your relationship and apply the wisdom to change your experience
  • Discover how to connect and experience intimacy
  • Upgrade your relationship role and let your inner feminine emerge
  • Discover how the dragonfly transformation works

Why This Book Study Group – What Makes This Special?

The best story I have heard is from a guy who put a picture of this book on his Facebook timeline. When I asked him if he liked tit he told me that it was his favourite book. He discovered it in the library and could not part with it since. He paid the ‘lost book fee’ and read it twice more.

Yes, there are other book study group out there. Mine isn’t the only one. But, I do believe it is unique for at least three reasons:


1.  I am the author of this book. I can personally account for any explanation required during the readings. This is an advanced relationship book, which leans toward developing conscious relationships based certain concepts. Due to the advance level of the book some readers are reread it many times. Being able to answer questions first hand is valuable.

2.  I am married of third time and a coach, which renders me qualified to recognise relationship patterns. I was widowed early, then divorced from frustration with being unhappy in my relationship. I devoted my life to a spiritual quest and personal development. Only after my transformation was I able to recognise my soul mate and married him. I noticed an underlying pattern in relationships, pointing directly to my deep reflection through relationships, which makes me ideal to notice it in other relationships. I am ideally positioned to explain the link where personal transformation begins and relationship issues becomes less relevant.

3.  I allow for personal transformation in group sessions. Think of the study groups as a mastermind group, except at a fraction of the price. Because of real time and the many layers in which the book is written, the possibility exists for deep unconscious processes to occur for your personal growth. You can finally stop repeating the same relationship patterns.


When it comes to understand the true purpose of relationship lessons, coaching many women and men already, noticing their imprints formed in childhood, will assists me to also help you move forward to a healthy energetic relationship.

How Do LIVE Book Study Groups Work?

The Book Study Group is online through Skype, at the same time every week for one hour. Every week I send and email reminder to the group with a link to join Skype checking for new topics, questions and who wants to read that day. When I am ready to make the group call to everyone you pick up the call on Skype. The first 9 people to answer will have the option to be on video with me and the rest on audio only. There are only 24 seats available for each book sturdy session which keeps the group small.

If you missed the start time you can click on the email link to join the group. Then we start with a suggested topic discussion, do a 30minute book reading and follow to answer questions about the read material.


What if you miss a session?

No problem! You can just listen the recording and won’t miss anything.


  • You can join anytime an leave anytime. There are no contracts.
  • Each month you subscribe to four sessions via PayPal automatically, I never see your banking details. It is completely safe and ask free.
  • Here are some FAQ by participants
  • If technology is still new to you – READ THIS


All that is left to do is to JOIN NOW:

You Can Find Your Copy Of The Book Here

Can you See Me Naked

I realised when I was searching for answers that most of the information given was offered by men for women. Although the information was available if you looked hard enough, it did very little for me while I was in pain. The books lacked a feminine voice. Can You See Me Naked gives a voice to the emerging emotions of our authentic self and let it come up for healing.

What Others Have To Say


“I can honestly recommend Adelé’s study groups. She has such insight and compassion, connecting with every person on a deep Spiritual level. Excellent value.” -Dina  COACH“I have always admired Adele’s connectedness and wisdom. It’s awesome that we get to experience that and so much more through these courses and online study groups. These make such a huge impact on your life and the way you view your interactions!” -Claudia TEACHER “Great product.”  –Shaun  BUSINESS OWNER
“Adelé Green’s book brings a thoughtful explicit, and unique Jungian-psychology-based perspective on intimate relationships and what men need to know about women, from a woman’s viewpoint that I have not previously seen from any other author before this. Relentless in her exploration and explanation of the terrains of the feminine an masculine attributes of the psyche, she offers grounded, compassionate advise tooth men and women in how to navigate in these realms that makes a real difference for healthy resolution and individuation of individuals and partners in committed relationships. This book has the sort of clear, to the point information, that as a man, I have sought for many years, that goes a significant distance to embracing the infinite mystery that is a woman. I can finally start to say, “now I understand how one may begin to unfold her beauty!” – Anthony  REVERENT
“Inspiring, intense, Invoking.”  -Bisi  MAGAZINE EDITOR “This is a book could create a real store in the market place.” -Georgina  PUBLISHING EVALUATOR “Read this book, because it reads like a love story, only different, as it is not fiction. t is filled with learnings. It was wonderful to catch myself connecting to pieces where i am still stuck or in a process which I am working on – and realising that this might be the key…  ” –Yvette  PSYCHOLOGIST“The knowledge you share in this book is what I have been looking for.” – Matthew  BOOK SHOP MANAGER