Transform Your Life & Learn The Steps Building Up To It

Transform Your Life & Learn The Steps Building Up To It

How to transform? Just how do we choose to transform, or let me ask you instead: do you feel like what is happening to you is a choice? By the time you finish reading this article you will have your answer. Either way transformation have certain steps leading up to it, one by one building a fertile ground for transformation to happen.

I so often interview radiant feminine women who live authentic lives, despite the incredible odds they faced to become the successful people that they are. And often, I write about how ordinary can become extraordinary during times when our hearts open and our sense of humanity overshadows the way in which we previously perceived successful feats, according to world standards. Isn’t it time we look at the steps involved in this shift?

The process of transformation, as I take people through it in my own coaching programs, is simple to understand, yet transformation happens in an instant on its own when we see clearly beyond understanding.

Recently, a wise man, Laurence Santer, reminded me that knowledge without implementation is fruitless. Listen to his interview and, more importantly, please understand that it is your effort that will give you the edge, to be ready to transform, rather than just having head knowledge of what I am sharing.

For transformation to happen we need to hold all the pieces inside us and action shows that we are ready to engage.

In this article I share:

  • Reaching the pinnacle – the story we tell ourselves
  • Step 1 -The trigger that pushes you over the edge
  • Step 2 – The choices before you
  • Step 3 – The power of the stories in your head
  • Step 4 -The need to be the hero in your story – still ego
  • Step 5 – The opportunity is behind a dark door
  • Step 6 – Acceptance – the emerging feminine
  • Step 7 Reason – the emerging masculine
  • Step 8 – Experiencing Joy – the marriage
  • Step 9 – What is beyond death


Reaching the pinnacle – the story we tell ourselves


Every one of us has a story of our unconscious life, until something stops working in the way we once knew it. Our easy-to-live existence and our prior achievements leave a nostalgic taste in our lives, much like a longing to have what was once taken for granted.


Now we have to deal with an obstacle which prevents us from being THAT TRANSFORMED PERSON. The identity we made up of who we are will stay with us as a measurement to establish whether our lives, as they are now, are successful or not.


What makes us decide if we are successful or not depends on how our lives used to be and who our role models are – so choose carefully. To be satisfied once again might require a re-defining moment, which is what transformation is all about.



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