How to talk to myself in my head?

how I talk to myself?

How to talk to myself in my head?

There are some taboo subjects in the business of mind-body connection and especially psychology, like talking about our feelings.

I love the analogy that is is used by existential analysis scholar and expert Alan Laing: Feelings are equated to underwear. He suggests that: talking about feelings is like wearing our underwear in public.

The reason we need to open the conversation of discussing feelings is that, in the event that we try to avoid or deny it’s existence, or even suggest that we can cast it aside as invalid, we are actually risking to build a bigger shadow for ourselves.

The shadow is what we spend our whole life tying to understand. As spiritual seekers or people who are just figuring out life, this understanding of the shadow (unconsiously) is how we learn who we really are. We try to see what is not known about us.

Add to this: the best possible spiritual advice – Know thyself.

Now this seems obvious:

Deal with your feelings or they will deal with you for the rest of your life!

That is my business case for today’s topic – how do I then talk to myself in my head.


I woke up this morning and spend 10 minutes connecting to myself. Except this time (for your benefit) I recorded it. These were my thoughts to myself. It will reveal my most inner values and beliefs. But I don’t want you to pay attention to that. Instead listen for the following process –

Instead of deciding if you agree or disagree:

  • Listen for the structure of the dialogue
  • How does one connect with my body below the shoulders?
  • How I talk from my senses and feelings?


By doing this you will discover:

  • How can you talk to yourself?
  • What can you do in your time for yourself?
  • What insights can your inner wisdom reveal that will connect you spiritually?
  • What happens in your transformation space?
  • What a conversation with yourself might sound like?

Of course you might think I am totally mad and I am totally OK with that. The point is not to persuade you of my values. I know full well that every person believe what they do based on their own repetitive experiences. And I am not trying to be a guru of sorts, because I believe we are all our own guru’s.

Instead I want to encourage you to discover your own inner wisdom and reconnect with yourself. Nothing works like a demonstration: Just hit play!




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