How To Groom Your Partner Without Being A Nuisance?

How To Groom Your Partner Without Being A Nuisance?

My mom used to say to me that if I am not strong, then I must be clever. When it comes to men, this has always been my motto. Wanting to groom our partners, there are some facts we need to be aware of.

If, in his mind, he thinks that we dress well, we have the advantage of credibility when it comes to dress sense.

No one, not even a man’s strength can resist us if they agree with what we offer them.

This is what I shared on TV to the Talk To ME audience about how to groom your partner without being a nuisance-



A key consideration will be the games we play as women. Normally, emotional manipulation will get us what we want, in all its forms: whining, complaining, begging and crying, if we have to. Men have a special secret radar that can detect this – FACT.

The goal is to groom him without being a nuisance and we need to do this in a way that circumvents the male’s super-sensitive radar. As the fabulous women we are, our creative role here is to flow with his male role of structure and to influence him with our grace. Under no circumstance can we attack his ego. Men see themselves as strong and we want the world to see what we see in our men, too. This is exactly why we want to influence and groom them, so that they appear to the world in a way that lives up to their potential. We want to support them in their leadership roles to know who they can be, without undermining their strength. If you forget everything else you read, remember only this:


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