How To Get Published As A South African Author

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The Masterclass Series will Save you Thousands of Rands

I spent R80 000 on publishing my first book. If I knew then, what I know now, I could have saved myself R40 000 in publishing. I would have printed the right amount of books, followed the right sequence for getting my book published internationally and in a way that was right for me.

The Masterclass Series is for you as a Writer, Who Longs To Experience …

  • The achievement of publishing a book
  • Making informed decisions that might include self-publishing
  • Choosing between print and digital publishing
  • Understanding book budgets
  • Spending your well earned money wisely
  • Being prepared for the loopholes of publishing as a South African
  • Getting your money from Amazon without paying US taxes
  • Understanding the steps and sequences of publishing
  • Publishing on multiple platforms, possibly even internationally
  • A Focus on South Africans authors rather than being overwhelmed by data on Google regarding non-relevant publishing options
  • Becoming comfortable with social media do’s and don’ts
  • Taking the next step in getting your book published


This Masterclass Series is not for you if you…

are looking for a step-by-step guide to blindly follow.


– as South African Authors for the first time –

How do you know what difficult challenges lie ahead when publishing that book you have inside you, as you share your precious message with the world?

This interview-style Masterclass Series stretches over 10 modules, giving you convenient access, in the comfort of your own home, to the secrets and loopholes you will face as a South African author who wants to share your story.

“Dear future Author,

My name is Adele Green. I am a blogger, writer and the CEO of Life Philosophy Coaching. I coached more than 200 people over 10 years and hereby discovered just how women find their own voices.  I know how important telling your story is to your healing. I am also a published author with two books to my credit, including my solo book Can You See Me Naked: Grow in a conscious relationship.

I know what it takes to use a book as your voice and to become a specialist within your particular niche. I know what it is like to have a book published in South Africa in softcover and to get it on the shelves of Exclusive Books as well on Kindle and Amazon. My book is also available across Europe, the United States and in bookstores worldwide. I especially know what doors open when this happens, including the opportunity to impact on people internationally – and be rewarded handsomely for it.

It is difficult to get there, yet also not, when you unlock the secrets and loopholes I reveal in my Masterclass Series of how to get your book published. I share what it takes to publish a book in both the traditional and digital way; how important it is to market it yourself and what will make you a successful author.”

A Series of Intimate and Catalystic

Conversations featuring…

a traditional publisher focusses on South African Authors – Porcupine Press

an award-winning digital publisher who has featured on Ted Talks – My Ebook

social media guru is an Adviser to African Ministers and Presidents, with precise expertise on marketing protocols – Walter Pike


  • Clare-Rose Julius – Marketing and Distribution Manager, our TRADITIONAL PUBLISHER

  • Walter Pike – Adviser to several African Heads of State, our SOCIAL MEDIA GURU

  • David Henderson – CEO for MyEbook, our DIGITAL PUBLISHER EXPERT


Adele Green – Transformation Specialist, founder and host of Naked with Adele and radio host for #askAdele


Adele Green, Can You See Me NakedTogether, specifically for South African authors, I ask the questions and they truthfully answer those confusing questions not made clear by Google.

Will you join us?

This Masterclass Series in Publishing hosts important topics to assist you in getting your voice out there.


When I embarked on doing my research before publishing my first book, few authors were prepared to share their secrets with me. I struggled through the book industry’s resistance until I eventually managed to get my book onto the Exclusive Books shelves as a self-published local author. I had no idea how many books would be sold or what it entail to be a bestselling author. How many copies would I have to print, for example, the first time around? The information given to me was always directed at someone else’s bottom-line and each person played right into my ego, to get my work published.

Don’t let your book become an expensive business card. Empower yourself to avoid becoming the next victim of a vanity publishing company preying on a wanna-be author.

What is this course about?

This course empowers you, even before you write that book longing to be bron from within you. The book industry is transforming, which makes it accessible to many new kids on the block, as well as many new players with promises to get your book published for you. Even Google cannot tell you exactly what you need to know or how to avoid the many loopholes you will face as a South African Author when attempting to publish.


  • The differences between self-publishing and working with a traditional publisher
  • The benefits of publishing online and in print weighed up against each other.
  • What it takes as a local South African author to break into the market to land your book in the bookstores
  • What is POD is and how it can help you as a South African author
  • How publishing on Amazon works, versus other options for South African writers
  • What you can expect from your book sales
  • Where you should focus the bulk of your budget to create a successful book
  • Costing and listing for book publishing and profits
  • What you need in order to plan your next step in the book process

There are 3 parts to a successful book which do take effort:

1/3 = Write the book

1/3 = Publish the book

1/3 = Market your own book

I know, it came as a shock to me too, when I first learned about this. (And I thought the hard part was writing the book.) The good news is that this Masterclass Series has your back: Why? Because, tt addresses all three aspects of the book whilst focusing on getting you ready for publishing.


  • WRITING: If you are not finished writing you get one session with an Expert Writing Coach


  • PUBLISHING: You get 7 audio modules to work through, that cover –


Traditional Publishing

Online Publishing

One interview with a digital or traditional publisher, to get you started


  • MARKETING: 3 audio modules about building your reading community on social media while you are still writing your book

What Is More Important Than Offering Your Message To The World?


The BENEFITS become clear when you understand just what you will get:

  • Guidance on creating your book to be a fulfilling experience as you live your life’s purpose
  • Learning how to vote with your heart as you make empowering publishing choices : writing your book is cathartic and publishing it is liberating when you express who you really are to the world
  • Questions and answers about traditional publishing in 4 audio modules
  • Questions and answers about digital publishing in 3 audio modules
  • Questions and answers about social media marketing protocols in 3 audio modules
  • A choice between a digital or traditional publisher interview to ask your own questions and be considered for publishing
  • One coaching session with an Expert Writing Coach who is a multiple bestselling author.

There are many publishing courses – What makes this unique?

I am someone who wants to encourage you to write and publish that story inside you! What could be easier than doing this online course to show you the way forward? I don’t want you to miss this opportunity to get prepared to publish your book and experience the life-changing impact of becoming a published author.

Yes, there is other information available how to get your book published. Mine isn’t the only source. But I do believe mine is unique for three reasons:


1.  My published book Can You See Me Naked became the cornerstone of my business. I know what it’s like to get a book published South Africa, in print and digital form, and on international platforms. I also understand the value of telling your story and how this can impact in your life and your business. I have published one particular book several times over, in different forms, which also makes me a great interviewer because I know, by now, what the important aspects of book-writing and publishing are and how to share this valuable information with you.

2.  I am South African. Living in South Africa, compared to residing in the United States, does make it harder to get paid across these international virtual borders. There are also numerous small terms and conditions that no one will tell you about, including various unknown limitations you may face. You could find yourself waiting at a year before you receive your first pay check and, left to your own devices, you may be unable to figure out how to resolve this dilemma or the many other challenges that await you. I am happy to share the secrets I discovered with you. But to my geographical location, I ask specific questions that provide you with answers to many of the challenges I faced and how to overcome them.

3.  I write in order to experience my own transformation. I know what it’s like to feels confused and overwhelmed when seeking meaning and value in my life, particularly when one have so much to share, yet feel unheard. You may be longing for something that seems missing or you are unsure of how to validate yourself. I know from first-hand experience what a difference a book makes when it is time to speak up and be seen.


When it comes to publishing your precious message, you need someone with  the relevant knowledge and understanding to guide you – not ivory tower advice or unhelpful theory. You believe you need to be inspired to WRITE YOUR OWN BOOK.

How does this online course work?

This course is a self-study, online programme designed to offer relevant and concise information that is vital for the self-publishing of a non-fiction or fiction book. The course is supported by experts in the book industry, and includes one personal interview with a publisher and one coaching session with a writing coach or transformation coach.

This Masterclass Series consist of 10 audio modules. All 10 modules can be listened to at a self-driven pace and are then followed up with the coaching session and publishing interview bookings. The audios are available as a download (if you have limited online data) or as live streaming (if you have limited storage space).

Once registered, an email will confirm your special membership access and a second email will then follow this, with a link to the course material.

The purpose of this course is to inform you of what the publishing process needs from you, even before you start writing. Many people want to write a book, but few actually accomplish it. Of those that do, many are left in the dark about how to publish. The purpose of this course is to empower you to close the gap between getting published and your current barrier to continue. To get published, you need to follow the advice and have your publishing interview. If your book is not complete yet, please book your coaching session with the book writing expert.

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“What a brilliant and professional presentation …. brilliant, work Adele.” -Leon “I have always admired Adele’s connectedness and wisdom. It’s awesome that we get to experience that and so much more through these courses and online study groups. These will make such a huge impact on your life and the way you view your interactions!” -Claudia “You are an inspiration.”  –Kathleen
“Adele’s story is inspiring. As she chronicles her journey to find her authentic self, she transports you to that place where you are faced with reality. Once you acknowledge this, you can use the process tools she provides.” – Carmen
“Inspiring, intense, provoking.”  -Bisi “There is no substitute for experience and Adele has a wealth of it.” -Margaret“I can honestly recommend Adele’s courses. She has such insight and compassion, connecting with every person on a deep Spiritual level. Excellent value!” –Dina“Adelé is a most remarkable person. Add to this her in-depth knowledge as a life coach and you have someone who can help you in the most profound way. This has been my experience with Adelé. She has helped me to implement empowering changes. Her kindness, love and passion for what she does is truly inspiring. She comes highly recommended!!” – Tarryn